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Mar 2, 2014

How to Always Have Lots to Wear In Your Wardrobe - Create Your Style Don'tra~!!

Hi readers!

I'm beginning this new year 2014, year of the Wood Horse :-) with a fresh approach to my style statement! Inspired by Cecilia Cassini and her commitment to her comfortable flip flops, in the face of her Mom's insistence that she wear *socks* the toeless socks Freetoes were born!

And it is my belief that, for those 'lost sheep' of the unhappy fashion divas, may that be you, and it certainly is me, maybe the solution is in a certain kind of Resistance and Commitment to what we will not bow down to, a small yet grand stand against whatever it is that befalls our fashion choices each day...

* * *

I think what is really significant about Cecilia's story is that, so many similar 'cases' are found repeatedly, incessantly in this world...

Take for example, Cindy Crawford and her beauty mole! I remember reading about these Super Models of the 90s, (yes, I'm in my 30s right now...), and how defiant and resistant Ms Crawford has been for each every time the model agencies required her to 'get rid of' her mole... even at the cost of not being hired...!

* * *

Another example, although more of his personal choice, than something of defiance, we see Karl Lagerfeld, in his personal uniform of choice, his ponytail and sunglasses, a fully covered body in suit and tie... Seriously, that man is a walking floating head!!! :-D

I think this also points to how CRITICAL your hairstyle is... in defining your style too... Think of Ana Wintour and her bold fringed bob... Think of Julia Roberts and her gorgeous natural wavy locks... Think of Wynona Ryder's cropped hair, and let's add Halle Barry to this list... Then, there's Morticia Addams in her dead straight and jet black hair too.

* * *

I have had a 'fashion blind spot' for the longest time... and it is just beginning to dawn on me in the past couple of years... that growing up, as a kid, I have always always admired so so much, the gorgeous glamorous Hollywood women...

The actresses just transported my mind to some place else, The Other Place, and it was like being captive in a trance state... Those beguiling women they were...

Well. After so many frustrated attempts at learning how to style things and coordinate things, and edit and curate my wardrobe, I'm just reaching this 'Extinction Burst' (thanks to my boyfriend who taught me this psychology concept this week!) regarding my Fashionary Longings... that you know what, I am really NOT going to be EVER like those Hollywood starlets, in my every day attire.

Yup. That is like 'a Fact.'
My ever present 'contextual gap' that actually, I'm not really willing to bridge.

I'm just too lazy to make my hair look like that.
In short, I will NEVER be an everyday diva like Dita von Teese...

*insert Grumpy Cat*

* * *

Well. So, what then?
Where does one go from a hard look at reality?

How do you optimize, knowing your Lazy-assness...

(Truth be told, I really envy my ENFP fashion goddess ex-colleague, who does her hair like a real Hollywood actress EVERY MORNING... Even my ESTP colleague spends at least a lil bit of time, doing her hair and at night, her nails... I are one ENTP, and even when I wear full makeup, my features are so 'Natural looking' after half a day at work, I look like I'm not wearing any makeup... and my nails, well, I'm not a tomboy yet my fingers get chipped ALL THE TIME... SMH...)

* * *

I think what my soul needs is a 'Style Don'tra' to move me forward... A style mantra in reverse... (My bratty ENTPness loves this kind of thing!)

Just like how I teach my EFL students on their Test Prep questions, "Guys, this is a useful skill to know... When you have a HARD multiple choice question, what do you do? Yes, Sally, that's right, we do the... Process of Elimination... Repeat after me everyone, Process of..."

* * *

Your Style Don'tra . . .

1. Think about your comfort level. What are some things that you're unwilling to give up, for the sake of your fuzzy wuzzy nommy lovely comfort level?

eg. I personally, just DON'T wear heels... I can't go over 4cm. Anything above that in heels makes me knees bleed.

2. Think about your body warmth needs and the environs it needs to handle in a given week. For me, more often than not, I just NEED to cover my body up a lot more and a lot longer than other people.

eg. When people celebrate Spring weather in March, I'm still clutching for my dear life in my winter coats...

3. Think about your personal budget and spending comfort. I love to shop or used to love shopping, but anything over $70, and it requires some 'Thinking' time.

eg. There have also been times when I used to curtail my hairdressing expenses, by NOT getting my hair colored, NOT getting my hair permed. Saves me tons and tons of hard-earned cash...

4. Think about some of your external requirements too. Do you work in an environment that is conservative OR very flashy?

eg. I am an EFL instructor and being in the education sector really means that my students feel uncomfortable about me showing too much skin. I'm not saying that you should sacrifice your individual style BECAUSE they said so, unless it's your Boss telling you point blank... but consider HOW you choose to respond to these external style cues... and how they affect your garment needs.

5. Also consider the kinds of accessories and jewelry you put on. Are you happy with how your accessories express you, and complete/adorn/jazz up your outfit? Are there accessories you JUST DON'T wear or do?

eg. I am not a minimalist by I don't like wearing TOO MUCH accessories. Or maybe it is that I just don't like heavy stuff on me. When I was doing DYT Type 2 look for 90 days, I tried wearing some long necklaces and my God, did I feel so depressed and tired...

I don't like wearing hats either, because it ruins my hair. Not that I style my hair. I don't even blow dry them. But I don't like having to check my hair and retouch them when they get flattened. Besides, as I said, most of my time is spent teaching in a classroom. Hats are a no no, unless I want to go clubbing all of a sudden, or I want to wear them to Emart for grocery shopping.

6. Think about some of the wardrobe staple items that so many Fashion Gurus tell you to wear. And see if you have Don'tra's from their list...!

eg. I look awful in pearl necklaces; too matronly. Trenchcoats age me by 20 years. Don't need expensive watches because I carry my cellphone all the time. I don't do ballet flats because they look kind of childish or like home-wear to me. Short rider jackets don't look good on me either, because it cuts my body in a weird place and makes my hips look hideous. I don't own a little black dress and when I used to have my sister's one in my closet, I wore it maybe 2 times in a year or less. I would rather have a black top and a black skirt!

* * *

Of course, your Fashion & Style Don'tras don't have to be a fixture forever. I mean, I never used to 'layer' clothes before, and I never used to wear skinny jeans. Those all changed, because staying current is important to my job and my style expression.

But I do believe in this process, this process of figuring out your Don'ts as a way of Defining Your Evolving Style Statement!

OK. This is what I have for today!
Will keep you posted, if I get more insights and examples on it!



Next: What to do after you create your Style Don'tra ... 


  1. I don't really know where you're going with all this, but - I love it. And a pox on all 'wardrobe staples'.

  2. Great tips! And the cat cracked me up! ha!