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Mar 25, 2014

Core Wardrobe Colors - Base / Accent / Pop Colors

So, I've been poring over Pinterest these past couple of days, trying to work out my 'Core Wardrobe Colors' following the suggestion of Ms. Bridgette Raes, as outlined in her 3 Part Approach. It isn't too different from Into Mind's suggestion either. 

But after staring at the color stories like the ones below, I felt my way around which color palette seemed like something I wouldn't get bored with over time. We all have colors we fall for and love in rush and excitement, only to discover that after 2 weeks, it seems too obvious or 'spent.' 

What I noticed right away after whittling down my Pins on Pinterest was that no matter what, the MOST IMPORTANT THING is your HAIR COLOR. Or at least in my case, that was just scary true. I can't live without this color. There were so many prettier lovelier color palettes out there, but when narrowing down my choices, based on the question, which color palette or color story would I reach for, over and over again without getting tired of it, the answers were really obvious and blatant.

They HAD to have black and gray. In real life, I would make that a darker gray too, rather than a lighter gray. I would have navy or aubergine too.

1. The Base Colors
(Click above to go to my Pinterest Board!)

(Click above to go to my Pinterest Board!)
My accent colors would be my light colors in ivory/beige/white/pale pink or lavender to give contrast to my heavier dark colors.

(Click above to go to my Pinterest Board!)
My pop colors would be red/orange/yellow/pink or other shades of blue or green. 

My metal colors are gold or bronze though.

The next step though, is to think about the kind of color flow (Click to go to my Pinterest Board!) that I like.
Stay tuned!



PS. For those of you that have read and done David Zyla colors, you'll notice that my Base colors definitely include my hair color (Base color in his system also), my accent colors in lighter colors are similar value to my Essence color (Dawn Pink), and pop colors are my Romantic and Dramatic colors. It's a rough and loose correlation, but I guess it still works. :-)

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