Mar 31, 2014

My Beauty Code & '14 S/S First Beauty Bundle

Recently, my fashion group friends have been having fun discovering their Color Profile from a website called 'My Beauty Code.'

Click here to discover yours:

I wasn't fully convinced that the results had much significance until, I started working on my first Beauty Bundle just now!

My silver/essence dawn pink beauty bundle
I might need to update my silver shoe category here.
I was surprised that this grouping reminded me of the Blue Purple palette from Beauty Code! 

My beauty code color profile~*
I think my friends called this the Summer palette.

This is a Zyla palette I made using Pantone colorchips, and converting them to digital format. Being Asian though, I think the stark contrast I have, as well as my skintone skews things a bit... I thought I was an Autumn.

Above: Here are my timeless 'go to' colors, proven over my experience.

Here are my hair, skin, eye colors from Chip It site. Actually, I think I might have had my hair colored to match my eyes though. 

This one taken in morning sunlight. The reddish brown in my eyes are more noticeable here.

Above: Colors from the pinkish part of my hand.
I like the fact that my Blue Purple palette has similar pinks and lilacs in them!

Above: Thanks Jane Rekas for gifting me this on my birthday!!
I think my Essence Color is a few shades lighter than this, and not as dull.
Check out Colorstrology for this. :D

Each month also has its colors!
Mine is quite close to my vein color!

Lolz. I asked my boyfriend what he thought of me,
and put them into a word cloud!

I liked these three colors the best after testing them out repeatedly.

Some of my favorite profile pictures have been in the colors from the palette above. However, I never feel good or look good in the dustier colors.

I tried them again today, but I felt my energy just drooping. DYT Type 2 colors, grayed and dulled colors are really my kryptonite! I didn't enjoy the silvers I wore today either.

So, as much as I enjoyed this as an 'Exercise' I don't think I'll create an entire wardrobe based on this.

Thanks for reading!!



Mar 30, 2014

Solution for Bag Addiction, Bag Affliction - Part 1

Today, I want to share about my on-going efforts to cleanout my wardrobe, and to finally inventory my wardrobe goods to 200 items, not counting shoes and makeup.

Well, what I'm noticing first though, is how 'hodge podge' my current inventory looks. There's no 'system' or 'design' to what I've amassed and acquired. There is no 'thought' or 'effort' into making it truly 'work.' The patterns, silhouettes, mood, utility, details, textures, metals, and colors do not create a cohesive system that produces the results I want.

The results I want are these though:
a) To be easy to upkeep
b) Be easy to put and put away
c) Be in good condition
d) Fall into a cohesive color palette
e) Have coordinated metals in terms of 'jewelry, bags, shoes, zippers on clothes.'
f) Things I'd gladly pay 100% for if I were to purchase it again.

I have weeded out a lot of stuff that does not currently fit me and I have no use for. Or I have gotten tired of wearing, due to repeated wear. Some were worn out and had to be thrown out too.

The most challenging obstacle I've come to is my bag collection. Years ago, I had a serious unhealthy affliction over bags. Not just any bags. Designer bags. I've sold off quite a lot of them during my Grad School years. But I still have a few of them.

My initial plan was to have only 5 bags, but seeing how many I couldn't part with right away, I asked my boyfriend, if I could shave off my rings and bracelets, and have 15 bags instead. He said, how about 10.

I've been trying to whittle it down, but man, these bags are tough to detach from! What is it with women and bags?!!

Well, part of my problem is, last year, I got a little jealous over my friend's designer bag. After my shopping addiction phase in my 20s, I had decided that I wouldn't spend so much money on those, unless I had a much higher income that supports that lifestyle. After all, my current job and present company does not really require me to expend money that way... Well, maybe when there are weddings, I'd still want nice bags to carry.

But what I did last year or the year before was that I went out and bought A LOT of cheaper bags. I bought them in all different designs and colors, and they are all in good condition.

I've currently got my bags down to 12 and I'm going to see if creating my 'Beauty Bundles' would help me figure out how to best optimize and maximize the mileage in my wardrobe!

This concept of Beauty Bundle is what I read from Brenda Kinsel's book 'Fashion Makeover' - 30 Days to Diva Style!

The first time I did the exercise in Chapter 9 - Accessory Necessities. She asks you to:

a) Choose the jewelry items you love and will wear
b) Group them into by color or the type of metal they are
c) Go through your scarves, shawls, handbags, sunglasses, hosiery, and belts that you'll wear. Include shoes, and hats.
d) Find a surface to work on and choose one color group. Put your jewelry and accessories that share the same color or color family together.
e) Take photos of these individual color groups.
f) Repeat d) and e) until you go through all your golds, silvers, bronze, brass, copper, pewter etc.

The first time I did this, I was so surprised that I had a HUGE silver grouping. I even had 2 silver bags that I didn't even purchase, but my Mom had given me. That summer, I wore those silver set with white shoes, and created completely new outfits, that was both sporty and comfortable.

OK. Time to go and do this one more time! I remember too, that last time round, I didn't have enough gold grouping that was a 'set' and it severely limited my choices. There was a clash of 'moods' and 'shapes' in my gold category, and no shoes. I wasn't able to complete an outfit.

Before we part though, let me share two more Buddhist-ish videos to help you stay fortified and clear!

Monk Hwansan on Son Meditation for Addiction habits

Read the whole article here:

Fashion, Identity, and Affliction

Good evening readers!

Well. Tonight, I'm writing from a new mindset. I'm listening to George Winston's album Autumn. I want to speak to you from my heart. Because this Fashion Journey of mine is turning a little corner, and sparking a new breath of ease, clarity, and enlightenment.

Yesterday, I was just casually listening to a Buddhist monk's Q&A Teachings (this one was in Korean...) and it taught me about how Affliction arises out of Greed. I didn't know at first, but suddenly something clicked in my mind, and it occurred to me that this Fashion Circus I'm engaging in, was in part driven by, yes, let's call it what it really is, my 'Greed.'

It's as if 'Clothing' had become something much much more than what it really ought to be. My boyfriend doesn't even require me to wear any makeup, and yet, there is this Terrible Hunger that I don't understand that has me by a Leash. And I've been Prey to its greedy howls, for as long as I can remember.

I don't even recollect exactly when 'looking good' became so consumingly mind-numbingly important to me. Perhaps around the age of 16 or so? And then, very much so at 17 and 18, 19, and crazily so in my 20s. Yeah. I've been that. I've been there. There was a time in my life when acquiring a bag I couldn't quite afford and being seen with it meant heck of a lot more than having enough for lunch money.

Fashion became an expensive hobby for me, a sick cycle of confusion, feeling lost, and a gambling kind of game. Addiction cycle, The Urge, ever important and ravenous, driving me from department store to department store. My magpie instinct, feeding on the frenzy, thrills of becoming one with the 'Status Symbols' some kind of an urban ritual, quite a communal one too, in that this phenomena happened with numerous other girls my age too.

Now, as my blog is entitled, I began this fashion journey a few years back... inspired mostly by Carol Tuttle's Dressing Your Truth system. I was lucky to meet a group of ladies who were also very learned and thirsty for knowledge and discovery. About fashion, about pysychology, about optics and behavior of color and light, inquisitive about diverse beastly beauty systems, and a bit of philosophy and healing too.

Well. As far as my Journey is concerned, I feel like this thing I've been searching for and yearning for, in fashion and personal style, may only be found now in a different discipline and methodology. Dressing My Truth. Well. What is My Truth? How does one fully embrace it?

I think, all along, it was actually a more fundamental and existential question, at least for me, I'm beginning to reflect on this now, from a slightly altered plane of view.

How does one go about fully knowing and experiencing and relating to their True Self? I've been taught a lot of shit and a handful of good, in this lifetime. But there are still these gaping holes. I feel truly blessed though, as I feel that I have found a Teacher to lead me to the Source of my Query.

Grateful to synchronicity and my Dad for recommending both Monk Bob-Ryoon, and Monk Hwan-San, both accessible to us on YouTube channels. Former teaches in Korean language, while the latter speaks perfect English.

Here are the videos, guiding me this calm, beautiful night.
Thanks for reading.

Stay tuned!

Namaste xoxo


Monk Hwan-San [English]

Monk Bob-Ryoon [Korean]

Mar 25, 2014

Core Wardrobe Colors - Base / Accent / Pop Colors

So, I've been poring over Pinterest these past couple of days, trying to work out my 'Core Wardrobe Colors' following the suggestion of Ms. Bridgette Raes, as outlined in her 3 Part Approach. It isn't too different from Into Mind's suggestion either. 

But after staring at the color stories like the ones below, I felt my way around which color palette seemed like something I wouldn't get bored with over time. We all have colors we fall for and love in rush and excitement, only to discover that after 2 weeks, it seems too obvious or 'spent.' 

What I noticed right away after whittling down my Pins on Pinterest was that no matter what, the MOST IMPORTANT THING is your HAIR COLOR. Or at least in my case, that was just scary true. I can't live without this color. There were so many prettier lovelier color palettes out there, but when narrowing down my choices, based on the question, which color palette or color story would I reach for, over and over again without getting tired of it, the answers were really obvious and blatant.

They HAD to have black and gray. In real life, I would make that a darker gray too, rather than a lighter gray. I would have navy or aubergine too.

1. The Base Colors
(Click above to go to my Pinterest Board!)

(Click above to go to my Pinterest Board!)
My accent colors would be my light colors in ivory/beige/white/pale pink or lavender to give contrast to my heavier dark colors.

(Click above to go to my Pinterest Board!)
My pop colors would be red/orange/yellow/pink or other shades of blue or green. 

My metal colors are gold or bronze though.

The next step though, is to think about the kind of color flow (Click to go to my Pinterest Board!) that I like.
Stay tuned!



PS. For those of you that have read and done David Zyla colors, you'll notice that my Base colors definitely include my hair color (Base color in his system also), my accent colors in lighter colors are similar value to my Essence color (Dawn Pink), and pop colors are my Romantic and Dramatic colors. It's a rough and loose correlation, but I guess it still works. :-)

How to Fix Your Wardrobe Blues (Listen to the Pro!)

OK, so last night, I couldn't sleep...
I found an amazing website that kept me so enthralled!

This lady has helped women for over 11 years, and I think her experience really shows from the YouTube videos she is posting!

For you busy ladies, here are her Top 3 Tips!

1. Thou shalt not keep duplicates.
2. Thou shalt ask the question, 'Where am I going in this?'
3. Thou really needs NOT a collection of old raggy clothes for taking out garbage.

For those of you, wanting to watch her share her wonderful nuggets of wisdom:

Tip #1: A Question to Ask Yourself When Cleaning Out Your Closet

Tip #2 for Cleaning Out Your closet

Closet Editing Tip #3

OK! Happy working on your closet now!
She also has WONDERFULLY EASY tip on how to dress well too~

Check this video out also!

Create a Fabulous Outfit with This Three Part Approach

You need to have *Base* *Accent* and *Pop.*
I really want to work on getting my metals/jewelry/accessories organized to get my Pop right, now!

Have fun, ladies~~~*



Mar 24, 2014

My Current Thoughts on DYT As A Fashion System

Hi Ladies!

Wow! I am really surprised that recently, my current #1 post is the 'Why I'm Stopping My DYT Type 4 Looks.' Just this month, there's been more than 700 hits on it.

OK. Well. Since, it is getting a lot of views, I thought I would expound on that a little bit more, as I'm 'transitioning out' of what I have enjoyed and learnt from DYT, and trying to embrace my current post-DYT phase.

First off, please note that I do not want to sabotage the Dressing Your Truth program in any way, and that what I am intending to do is to raise some questions that I am 'personally' interested in and fascinated by. Having been trained in art & design, crafts and textiles since I was a wee little girl (not that I excel in this arena, just have had long term training and exposure, and interest in it), I love the fashion world, the expressions and color, textures, shapes, and nuances that they weave together... Mmmm...

* * *

OK. So let's start off with some important lessons I am taking away from having invested and immersed myself with DYT since April 2011. I have purchased her "Discover Your Personal Beauty Profile Online Course" and initially the "DYT Type 2 Online Course."

While the psychology and energy/movement parts really fascinated me, and seemed really profound and important, I personally was hoping for a high end visually enhancing course.

I will say that, the most important lesson DYT taught me is the idea of 'doing the TOTAL LOOK' which I had never done before. DYT has proven to me that it is important to not only have THE It Bag, and expect results, one must have a color story, a shapes and metals matching or in the same family, AND have hair and makeup all working to produce one particular Look. Especially the 'hair' part, which I, being the girl who never bothers to style her hair, I'm more of a wash and go type, had a lot to learn about the different steps one must take to achieve the effects of an intended look.

I really truly did have an awesome time, despite feeling a bit miffed at how much I ended up spending during the entire process with the shopping, but still, DYT got me shopping for accessories, clothes, jewelry, AND hair and makeup, all within the assigned 'type' I was playing with.

I met some awesome ladies who are like minded. I wasn't alone in this journey, it was a community and networking! I thoroughly thoroughly enjoyed this aspect of DYT, and do not regret the experience and social exposure it has brought me!

It gave me both a platform and a working thesis I guess, which is this blog, a lot to think about. A lot to dig deeper for, because I still feel that I'm not entirely 'done' with the whole 'Dressing My Truth' bit yet. It's more like a slow evolution.

It got me to ponder whether there could be, or should be a correlation and a strict adherence to believing oneself as 'One Type' - the dominant type - and use that as the sole criteria to 'Dressing My Truth.'

Well, having been through it, and lived it for quite some time now, I'm really glad that I've come to my own interim conclusions that, a) No, I do not believe I'm 'bound' to be and live as a Type 4 Dominant in the entirety of this lifetime. I do however believe, that I am an ENTP, and b) I think there is a lot more to Fashion & Aesthetics than the 4-Type-Cookie-Cutter-System.

DYT has been a great 'training wheel' and has given me some really interesting experiences and explorations into the Power of Color. The energetic difference between dressing as Type 2 and Type 4 were totally night and day. However, as I look back at my photos, some of my Type 4 looks are just way too hideous and downright unflattering. The colors are too artificial, there is not as much sophistication and nuanced detailing to help me put together what I really want to present myself as.

* * *
I think these different Fashion Systems are like special 'Filter Lenses' that professional photographers use, for various types of 'intended outcomes.' Each of these systems try to combine a certain number of Objectives set forth by the author. But there is as yet, no true Consensus that helps women figure out the challenging aspects of fashion and styling, personal expression and representation, that also help with the more practical issues such as planning and creating a wardrobe/outfits that work. I guess, that's why professional image consultants exist. =D

But as I reflect on my own explorations and results, as well as my friends who are currently very into David Zyla, and some bloggers and professional wardrobe consultants, have embraced, these more rigid and structure color typing systems (DYT works backwards by the way, your dominant energy gets worked out first, THEN you learn about your color palette) serve a 'limiting' purpose to creating your OWN aesthetic style statement.
* * *
Both the blog authors of Into-Mind and Colletterie, as well as wardrobe & style consultant Ms. Bridgette Raes have shared that your 'color story' is so important and 'personal' that the 4 seasons based approach may limit you more than liberate you. I'm not saying that they should be ignored; I got draped as a Bronze Autumn by my local color analyst, but she mentioned other things too like how muddier colors don't look good on me, and hello, most Autumn palettes ARE muddy by nature, and how 'Natural/Soft' I look in person, and how I am better off with less shiny textures.

And each season, the fashions and trends come and go. My color analyst told me that she herself was typed Autumn, but after a year and a half of dressing in Autumn colors, she found herself cheating the system more and more. And so she used more black than she was supposed to and so on, so she told me to wear those colors just away from my face. So basically, be more lenient and moderate about it, not so gungho as DYT suggests.

OK. Thanks for tuning in ladies!



Mar 13, 2014

Spring '14 Replacement Challenge


Spring is upon us!
Having completed 6 Weeks Without Shopping, I have embarked on a new challenge with some of the ladies in my fashion group, to do a 'Replacement Challenge.'

The idea is to focus on updating clothes that you wear a lot that got worn out, or to repair or alter clothes you will gladly wear, and to update your socks and hosiery if that's what you're lacking.

Instead of overwhelming ourselves, choose 3 goals for 2 week intervals!
From our group survey, most of us wanted to work on,

a) Coats & Jackets
b) Bags & Shoes
c) Socks & Hosiery

This works really well for busy working women or busy Moms, following the Kaizen method. Kaizen is a Japanese word, and instead of writing gigantic unrealistic to-do lists, you do the minimal work that you can.

Everything is actually 'Baby steps' when you break it all down!

Well, my Week 1~2 challenge is to work on my sock/hosiery drawer! So I'm getting my egg timer out! Are you ready to join me, ladies? :D


Jessica Flatshoenista

Mar 11, 2014

Birth of a Flat-shoe-nista~!!! Sob - sob - sob - Yar~!!! :D


So. Here's the thing.

The thing is,
That I can't wear anything
Higher than 4cm...



That's right.
I just can't do them.

My knees are weird, whenever I wear shoes
Over the 4cm limit, they just stick out
Like sore thumb or whatever...



And given my current job,
And also my physical inability,

I shall never be able to handle the above

Not even platforms.


S i g h .


My friends, and this is numerous friends...
They wear heels like it is nothing!

I don't know how or why, or where the
Difference is!


But it is the reality.
Same with hair.

Much as I admire nicely coiffed, blow-dried & styled hair,
It is just near impossible for me.

The ONLY time that my hair looks that nice
Is the day that I go to the hairdresser's.

* * *

So, what now?

I obviously will never be able to do a
Dita Von Teese look, or any Bombshell look.

It's too uncomfortable.

I mean, I am just going to be wearing FLAT SHOES
till the day I die...!



So, that's what my REALITY is going to be.
And has in fact, always been.

All of my high heels, anything over 4cm,
have always stayed inside my shoe cabinets.

Except for that one special pair, that I used to
wear when I was in grad school.

But even then, I could only wear it on half days...
And with great pain to contend with,
at the end of the day...


So, good bye sexy shoes...
And ALL of the 'Looks' and 'Outfits' that require
and belong in the 'Realm' of the 'Stilettos' and possibly even 'Pumps.'

* * *

The only thing I can ever amount to,
is to be a Flat-shoe-nista.

* * *

Sob sob sob

*slow claps*


Jessica, Flatshoenista

What Is Your Personal Style? A Great Quiz To Find Out~!! Yes!! Finally~!!

OK! So I am between fashion systems and totally feeling the blah! I found a neat little fashion quiz, and can't wait to share it with you~!

Mine was Natural style, with a bit of Sexy style!
I'm so utterly happy to have these style keywords to work with~*

Go here!! Now~~!!!




Mar 7, 2014

Shaking My Head... Why? Because! I Don't Care What Carol Tuttle Typed Me - I KNOW NOW, I'M A TYPE ONE DOMINANT!

Well. I could do a long post... But sometimes, all you need is photographic proof! (I so wanted to write Poof! instead too... *magic~* )

Well. I'll leave this picture up for you, so that you can see what I learnt about myself in these photos... :D I think my smiles just show it all! 




Mar 5, 2014

Interim & Decision: Part 3 of How to Always Have Lots to Wear!

Hi ladies!

Well. Today's post has me standing on the edge of a fence, as I effectively 'mull over' how I've used to shop, and how I'd rather proceed from here onwards...

First of all, my exhaustive research and exploration into these Fashion Systems has me pondering and reflecting deeper into what I had TRULY wanted from a fashion or image makeover...

It's the nature of the beast, this 'image' business... ever Elusive, and so slightly and always out of our grasps. Well, at least for me, fashion has often been that slippery little slope. And I guess I'm actually getting 'tired' from this Chase.

* * *

My recent 'stage' in my life has seen a beautiful blossoming of a love relationship, and a redefining of what I want from my job.

As many of 'clutterers' would know, or would benefit to know, there is something called the 'Aspirational Clutter' which I'm sure can directly be quoted and directed towards one's stuff of Fashion.

What that means is, I really haven't got my fashion shitz sorted out or figured out. My brother in law, now, HE, really has his fashion shitz worked out... His way of maintaining a lean yet functioning wardrobe is to utilize the 'One In One Out' system, with follow through... So when his old jeans get thrown out, he goes out to buy a new pair of jeans. When he brings home a new pair of jeans, his old one, EVEN IF his old jeans are not completely worn to shreds, he chucks it out!

My sister and I, were just FASCINATED by this... We obviously, have not been raised that way... My parents taught us to feel guilty about throwing ANYTHING out. And my Mom's been taught this by my maternal grandma...

* * *

So how DOES one go about going from having probably somewhere between 500~1,000 fashion goodies in her home to something that will give her that ever elusive 'Always Having Lots to Wear' wardrobe???

* * *

Well, in the Part 2 of this series of 'How to Always Have Lots to Wear' posts, we created a list of things 'Per clothing or fashion item' that we felt would make a 'decent sized' number. We hadn't gotten yet to combining those to 'outfits' because for people like me, we need to take the 'steps' so as to not feel 'deprived' . . . OK, maybe you aren't one of them... and if you ain't, I am very glad for you!!! You're so lucky!!!

* * *

Last time though, I tallied up how many 'items' I would need in a year, and it came to 199 items based on my 'calculation/projections.' 

Although it is meant to be for the whole year, somehow, my brain felt uncomfortable with that number. My brain doesn't know how to manage or compute 200 items! 

And then, there are other complications like a) I don't have some of the items on that list and get by without them pretty good, such as an LBD, b) some of the jeans I have like my dark denim spans me 3 seasons, from Spring to Autumn! c) how does laundry or dry clean cycle affect this number?

* * *

To be honest I don't think my brain can handle anything more than 20 clothing items in one go. But with living in a 4 seasoned area, doing the Project 333 was so taxing for my brain, as I couldn't anticipate the weather OR the changing fashion trends.

So I am coming up with a new number, one that sounds a lot smaller than 72, but much bigger than 33 to accommodate a 3~4 month period.

I'm guessing, with enough practice and insight into how I actually dress, I might be able to get that number down to 45 or something, given that I learn how to accessorize better... but with not wearing hats or belts or vests, I really don't know how I'd go about creating wholly different looks without increasing that limit.

Personally I think 72 is a pretty decent number to work with for a span of 4 months. It feels a lot kinder to my brain too. So I guess, if I had to name it, I'd call it my 72 in 4 months project, instead of a 33 in 3 months project.

* * *

I think once I limit myself to this new number 72 for a 4 month period, I can re-allocate my fashion real estate by simultaneously checking out a) what is hanging in my closet, and b) what stuff I crave for the season.

For instance, with Spring beginning here in chilly/capricious Seoul, I will count out how many spring outerwear (these typically cost the most and matter the most for work wardrobe) I have available. 

Let's say that I have a maroon lightweight wool coat for Spring, a black suede coat for chillier days, a black Winter warm coat for really chilly days, a navy work jacket, a brown sports jacket, and a never really worn grey-green work jacket hanging in my wardrobe.

That's a total of 6 outerwear, ready for wear this Spring. And I'll be totally covered, even if I suddenly had to go to a mountain or something because my 2 winter coats are still going to be there in the wardrobe mix!

So now, we have 72 - 6 = 66, 66 items to go!

* * *

Knowing these colors, I gotta see if my pants, shoes, bags are plenty for a streamlined look. Then I'll have to see if my tops/scarves/jewelry such as a necklace support these two categories! My hair/skin/eye colors, as well as my vein colors will matter in selecting the most optimal choices.

OK, I'm already having trouble visualizing this, so I'm going to take a quick snapshot of the above coat/outer wear colors! Be right back!

Wow. This is a real eye opener for me.
I have never planned my 'Color Flow' in this manner before!

Or let's say that I have never planned my fashion purchases in 'entirety' before! This is why I shop so much and end up with so many orphans!!!!! @_@~!!! Because I have slight ADD and I end up mood shopping, and I come home with things that don't enhance what I already have hanging in my wardrobe!

* * *

So, to look 'put together' I'd look OK with a matching bottom or a color that plays nicely with any of these existing colors...

- black
- charcoal gray
- dark denim
- lightblue denim (another accent color)
- beige/camel
- deep red accents

* * * 

Given how the weather will become warmer and warmer, and semi-casual my wardrobe needs are for my current job, I will most likely be reaching for the 3 jackets/coat on the right; brown, khaki, maroon.

But for a more formal occasion, I will be reaching for my midnight navy jacket in the middle, because it is the sharpest one of all. But it isn't as 'stretchy' in fabric so the least comfortable too.

* * *

In order to prevent any unnecessary shopping, I'm going to now do a color based inventory of pants/shoes/bags, and other support pieces I can wear. I already know that I would prefer to wear more navy than black, having spent the past almost six months of Winter in black and dark charcoal!

The heavy knitwear I had chosen three weeks earlier are quite useless right now, as the weather is doing a chacha back and forth between the Winter/Spring! :-(

Also, my slacks selection I had done like two weeks ago turned out to include too many slacks that were not the right size for me... :-( 

And having moved ALL my clothing stuff into my dressing room now, has my floor covered with stuff... and my bag, belt, scarves collection has just eaten up all the floor space... while my hosiery drawer needs an update so bad, as well as my shoe collection.

OK. Stay tuned for my next post in the series! I am determined to find a way to say good bye to my habits of shopping too many 'orphans' in my wardrobe!! And to eventually find my own formula to Always Have LOTS to Wear!!!

Love to all~!!


Mar 2, 2014

How to Have Lots to Wear in Your Wardrobe (Part 2: How Much is A Lot to You?)

Hi ladies!

Thank you so much for the positive feedback on my last post! One of the readers mentioned that she loved the post but also wondered where it was going...

Well, being an 'Intuitive' I guess I was really going with that whole idea of creating my own 'Don'tra' thing, as a clear starting point. Initially, I planned on going into 'Inventorying' and 'Assessing' what you've already got in your wardrobe, but I think that'd be like missing a step... because the title suggested the 'Have Lots to Wear' part. :-)

So, let's *explore* that. What really is 'LOTS' to you? If you created your own style dictionary or dictatum, what would go as being 'a lot' and what would make you feel deprived?

* * *

I think defining this is a critical point in how you set up your dressing room or closet, and also on how to spend appropriately for shopping.

One of the most beneficial Fashion Exercises I've ever come across in figuring this out was using Brenda Kinsel's 'Your Own Boutique' exercise.

Imagine you are walking in your own boutique store, and it is filled with more of what you already love to wear! What are these items?

For me, I really need slacks I love as my wardrobe base, and I need earrings for dressing up. Those two really are my immediate go to items in my shop... 

I don't like having a huge coat collection because they take up too much space and need dry cleaning. I don't change them much any way, and resort to my most tried and true coats day in and day out.

I need a good variety of trendy tops, and solid color tops for work wear. I tend to just rotate between 6~12 tops in a given month. 

Shoes MUST be flat. I need at least 2~3 good pairs ready for work, that work with my coat/hair/bag colors.

Jewelry, aside from earrings, I like wearing bracelets a lot. I only ever wear the jade ring my Mom gave me, but I do wear this one every day. But a necklace is something I wear if my top is too bland and really NEEDS accessorizing. Typically I hate having something hanging down my neck, especially the long ones... although they're like all the rage in Korea. 

I don't do hats. Belts rarely get worn, unless it is a comfy one for my hips, never for my waist. 

If there is a skirt that has better give and stretch, or gives me better easier movement, I'll always wear that more than the others that don't. 

I prefer not to layer any more than it is necessary, which means I rarely wear vests... I wear cardigans a lot but finding one that doesn't add bulk is hard, especially because I also need the cardigan to have medium weight fabric that covers my stomach area well. Cardigans come in so many silhouettes and proportions too... But so far, I only wore a black long cardigan to death, with a white one just for the summer.

Becoming 30s though, a need for a jacket on special occasion has become a lot more pronounced... 20s all I needed was sexy jeans, earrings, and a cardigan... Now, a jacket really completes the wardrobe. I need a lot more accessories now that I'm in my 30s too, whereas in my 20s I had more fun with my hair and funkier colors for eyeshadows and such. 

My wardrobe staples therefore now, are... 
a) sexy slacks that make me feel gorgeous and totally current
b) drop dead gorgeous chic earrings
c) cardigan and jacket
d) lots of trendy tops and jewelry/accessories
e) comfy shoes and HOSIERY.

Oh man, that last one... HOSIERY! That one is so important! I tend to update my socks only when I have to, and not having the right hosiery really limits things!

* * *

Colorwise, I tend to wear black and navy the most, blue and gray too. Purple and orange, pink adds fun and spice to my tops. I wear light colors occasionally but I tend to stay away from them and reach for them the least. So, learning how to 'dress up' or 'create diversity' with my black/navy/grey/blue is crucial... 

If I had to specify numbers, to spell out 'A LOT' without clogging up my wardrobe space...

- 4~6 slacks for that season
- 2 skirts for that season
- 1 dress for that season
- 2 jackets for that season
- 2~4 coats for Winter
- 2 cardigans for that season
- 2~4 bags for that season
- 3~4 necklaces for that season
- 3~20 earrings total for that year
- 2~6 bracelets for that year
- 1~2 rings
- 4~8 tank tops for layering for that season
- 2~4 scarves for that season
- 6 knit tops for that season
- 6 blouses for that season
- 4~8 tshirts for that season
- 3~6 shoes for that season
- 20 hosiery for that season
- 1 belt for that season
- 2 umbrellas for that year
- 2 gloves for winter
- 1 pair of sunglasses for that year

I don't know, this may clog up my wardrobe space. But given that all the items are in good condition and 'in trend' and the right size and fit and fabric for me, then, this really should suffice for the year in view.

* * *

Having your hair color and cut consistent, as well as limiting your metals really saves $$$ down the road too. When you change your hair color, your more expensive wardrobe estate has to change, the length of the hair severely limits the types of clothings you can wear and still look 'feminine' and if your metals are all over the place, then you'll end up creating looks that feel like my wardrobe, 'a hodge podge' of 'wardrobe orphans' although some days I feel like I can 'pull it off.'

* * * 

I just did my Excel sheet calculations for the above list, and using Summer/Winter as my 2 seasons for my year, I will need a wardrobe of 138 to 199 pieces (including hosiery) in *good* and *wearable* condition for work/weekend.

I guess without hosiery, it would be 118 to 170 pieces of clothing.

The above list caters to my laundry cycle needs, but it doesn't fully accommodate my weight-change variable! When I put on weight in the Autumn/Winter, and lose weight in the Summer, my slacks or tops or coats tend to suddenly become 'Unwearable' and causes stress for me... 

Anyway, I hope this exercise helped you become more clear about your wardrobe needs! I think I'm going to go and see how my actual wardrobe matches up with my Dream Boutique Requirements!

It'd be fun to actually find out how much of my current stuff IS or ISN'T worthy of being in my Dream Boutique!

Thanks for tuning in ladies!



Updated: The PowerPoint file I uploaded earlier was not working well, so I am just sharing this JPG instead! :D

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