Jan 7, 2014

Fashion, Identity, ... and MBTI Type! (ENTP)

Hi readers!

Happy cheerful 2014!!
I hope you've been having fun this new year's!

I know I haven't posted much since last August.
So I thought I'd share my thoughts and experiences from the latter half of 2013, because in actuality, it's not that I'd given up on fashion systems altogether, it's just that my explorations have taken on a slightly different path...

After all the fun I'd been having with various fashion and personal style/color systems, I joined an MBTI group on Facebook, initially to solve my mild but existing adult ADD and organizational challenges. I was curious if other ENTPs were also struggling with organizing their environment.

What I didn't realize was that this ENTP group would become a new 'tribe' of people for me to identify myself with. And with this new sense of belonging, and a revived sense of self with my net tribes, I began to delve deeper into self-exploration and expression, mainly through spoken and written language.

And somehow, I guess, I felt lesser need to wander around the IFC Mall to find myself and express myself through clothes! I now had a rich community of people from all over the globe, that I could converse with and feel a belonging with.

I haven't felt much urge to buy clothes, ever since really. I'd already done quite a bit of shopping before, I have enough to cover myself for work and weekends. And it's the most interesting thing for me, because at one point in my life, I really was what Koreans call a 'Dwen-jang-nyer' (aka a shopaholic).

* * *

For the most part, I'm loosely following the DYT Type 4 guideline, or I'm just wearing what I'd gotten during that phase of my shopping cycle. But I'm also just wearing things which aren't strictly Type 4 items. I wear gold here and there, I wear a jade ring, I wear jeggings which aren't Type 4 specific... and the list goes on.

* * *

Anyhow, I just wanted to share that if one were to dig deeper into these fashion systems, I think at least for me, the driving force that propels me forward is an innate desire to truly get to know myself, learn how I operate, and to see who is buried underneath all the layers of social conditioning and ascribed role playing.

It's almost like an excavation of self. Beneath all those layers of hurt, push and pull of daily turmoil, clashing desires and misgivings, self-sabotage, and confusion... There is this Need to Know, that burning desire to finally put a restful finger atop that Edgy Questioning Mind.

I feel a self-full desire to find a way to honor some cherished lessons and moments of my life, as I surf this 21st century living arrangement. A way to exert and impose some measure of self-will and intent over the big waves I get to ride, in these layered tanks, my ass-covering V knits, and fleeced jeggings...

It is so liberating to find a way to explore and express myself, in ways less than 'garb' and get to commune with other intelligent self-explorers.

I wish you light and love on your journey too!

Love and gratitude,


Here are some image references to give you an overview of what the 16 types of MBTI are like... :-)

* * *

ENTP specifics

ENTPs are often alluded to being 'Mad Scientists' or 'Pirate Like' ...
Here are some images I found...

As an animal, ENTP's are said to be like 'Parrots'...


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  1. I enjoyed this post and like your writing style. I intend on reading all the articles on your blog in next few days. Basically stalking your blog (can people stalk blogs?)

    Anyways its refreshing reading articles by another Entp female.


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