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Jan 12, 2014

6 Weeks Without Shopping (Fashion Support Group) -- on Facebook!

Hi readers!

Just wanted to announce and share that I'm starting a small closed group on Facebook! Back in 2012, I learned about Jill Chivers and her Year Without Shopping program.

I am hoping to share my journey with like-minded Fashion-Lovers who would like to spend 6 weeks, examining, regrouping and retooling, assessing, regenerating, evolving their Personal Style, while NOT defaulting to shopping for MORE during that time frame!

Granted, I have been a complete shoppaholic in my mid twenties. And I had to get into recovery to learn how to curb my over zealous interest in fashion and personal styling...

Well, today is a new day!
And 2014 is just beginning! Please come join us!

It could be the most delightful 6 weeks of our life yet!
And we get to make it so!


xoxo Jessica

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