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Aug 1, 2013

So, What IS Your Favorite Color Combination For Your Clothes or Outfits?

While, I do not believe in Cookie-Cutter approach to personal styling, I sometimes feel the need to canvas the scope of what's available, in order to refine and define my aesthetic preferences...

Here are some pre-thought-out image scales to help you decide, where your orientation lies...

Ladies, I present you... the legendary works of Shigenobu Kobayashi...!!!

This gives you the overall scope of palettes you can use. This can easily be used to determine your preferences, whether you're using it to find your orientation for the 4 Seasons Color Analysis, OR to work on your core wardrobe colors for your Dressing Your Truth clothes. Of course, these are not exact, but I think it covers all bases really nicely. 

I found this useful to use in conjunction with the above 4 quadrant graph! Of course, there are lots more combinations available to us, but I think it gives a general direction you can use for your own clothing clusters and capsules.

The book has each color presented on a page and how the colors are often used in commercial products or spaces. If you have favorite colors, I guess these could be useful to conjure up various color combinations to try based on that one color.

This one just showed up on Google image search. But I like how it still fits into the quadrants, and how 'analytical' it gets!

If you're a die hard DYT fan, then I am sure this will be for the Type 3 person!

And another palette for the Type 3 woman...

This one looks more like a Type 4 color palette to me, but those tinted ones must be iced in texture...

OK. I hope this inspires you and helps your explore your beauty limits and options!!



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