Aug 1, 2013

Finally A Color Palette For Moi: A Dissonant Color Palette For My Style in S/S 2013

OK. So I have searched high and low. The basic tenets of color theory always tend to use the same labels, and NONE of them appealed to me.

You know, your usual, Primary Colors, Triadic Colors, Split Complementary, Tetradic Color Scheme... Monochromatic, Achromatic, Analogous... etc. Then, you've got your Seasons and Season based palettes. Now offered in lovely 16, instead of the original 4.

Well. I finally put the finger on what makes my heart sing!

It appears that the reason none of the usual palettes worked for me or inspired me is BECAUSE, I'm into a whole other category called 'Dissonant Color Palette,' which I didn't even know existed until last week. :-)

Here's the lovely color scheme by itself.

OK. So this isn't what I'm going to wear. But it does show some potential...

Thanks to for sharing their work online! It's inspiring!

* * *

While I'm at it, here are some really practical and savvy insights from a Men's Fashion Website which I LOVE!

They did a whole series of 100 Fashion Tips or something like it, and from their suggestions, I ONLY like 2 types of color combinations for my particular wardrobe.

This would probably cover most of my needs. :-)

OK. Here's the totally AMAZING men's fashion website I mentioned above:

If you're like me, it's GUARANTEED you'll be up all night, poring over their tips!

Love & Inspiration,



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