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Jul 21, 2013

Why the Numbers 5, 8 Keep Coming Up in My Wardrobe Color Palette Clusters?

After I just finished writing my previous blog post, I wondered WHY I was so consistently finding this number '5.5' or '6' or '8' in my clusters...

I realized a *generalized* description or prescription of a color cluster could be...

  • 4 neutrals x 4 accents.
  • Or 4 universal neutrals x 2 nuance colors x  2 accent colors.

* * *

I researched the numbers 5 and 8 and apparently, these two numbers are well-matched in Numerology compatibility! Here's an excerpt from

Numerology love compatibility for 8 and 5

Number 5 is ruled by planet Mercury while number 8 is ruled by Saturn. This is materially motivated combination rather than physical and emotional. These two numbers are opposite to each other but both have strong personality and one cannot suppress each other. People of number 8 bring a strong direction in the lives of people of number 5. Together they can achieve material and personal success.

This combination brings out the best in each other. Once they fall in love, these two stick for it throughout the lifetime. The special bond shared between these two numbers can be an asset which is shared in business as well. It is also an excellent number combination to find in a family or a pair of best friends. This is a relationship between two individuals who don't always follow the rules and they might find themselves locking horns on the rules of a relationship. It will take careful planning and compromise to make this relationship work. Great happiness is in store for these two.

I really believe that color harmonics work or behave in VERY similar ways to 'sound' harmonies...

Our visual and auditory sensory systems MUST on some level resonate and correlate...

* * *

I was really struck also by the number 5.5 also.

Why the double 5?

And it suddenly reminded me of my previous research on traditional Korean color system and philosophy. The O-Bang-Saek and O-Gan-Saek. Now, in that theory, the 5 main colors called the 'Yang Colors' make up the ENTIRE UNIVERSE, according to ancient Chinese philosophy.

Just regarding color though, those 5 Yang Colors make up the 5 Yin Colors. And together, my Korean ancestors had 10 basic colors.

Now, those of you who are versed in Feng Shui elements will know that we currently live and operate in a totally different perceptual color scape compared to those times.

The 5 said main colors were...
White, Black, Yellow, Red, and Blue.

What's confusing for these days is that in those days, white and black were natural colors, so they're not our typical industrial stark white/jet black colors!

They're more subdued than that... more like cream/ivory and dark gray. Besides, the 'Black' corresponds to the Water element, so the dept and reflection of the Water Quality actually meant both black and blue color ranges!

And the so-called 'Blue' which in Chinese character is 'Cheong' actually represents a green/blue blend which is more like the 'sky' color. So it's a lighter and prettier color than Water so to speak!

Yellow was earthier color than our industrial bright yellow, although I guess some flowers did have bright yellow coloring, and the Red was more like a brown, and just in Feng Shui speak, Red is like Fire, so it represents light as in fireworks or electricity kind of illumination...

* * *

All of that thinking led me to research Pinterest for '5 elements' and I got a lot of images which I have filed under

Now, one of the images that was labelled TOTALLY caught my eye...!

Tata! As you can see, this little diagram, actually represents both the numbers 5 and 8! Nifty, ain't it?

Now this is basically a diagram of the '5 Elements' of Feng Shui, representing 8 different sectors also known as Pa Gua or Ba Gua.

Each gua represents a direction, an area of your life, a body organ, color, element, and so on. The center is called Tai Chi and touches upon ALL 8 gua's.

* * *

I think this sheds some light on why I felt so 'restricted' by adhering to the strict guidelines of DYT. As per DYT guideline, being a Dominant 4 means, I can't embrace the 'nuances' or the 'middle paths.'

I think, being a Third Culture Kid, I have embraced both the Asian mindset as well as the Western mindset. Former through my natural ancestral heritage and lineage, and the latter through both my formal education and globalization.

I think I can now see how these diverse elements fit together, like pieces of a puzzle. A vast and myriad puzzle, that still has some underlying Principles and Laws.

For example, my dominant energy and movement may be a Type 4. But my facial features are a strong blend of Type 2, Type 4 and Type 1. It's really hard to distinguish just one element, because I'm not a Cartoon nor a Caricature. I think this may be another reason why DYT often gets criticized despite its clear cut methodology and their good intentions.

One of the ironies I had to realize and accept through my embracing and journey THROUGH DYT was specifically THAT I ended up subscribing to yet another 'prescribed' fashion system. All the while I was escaping the previous set of 'Fashion Rules' set by the 'evil garmentos' and 'fashion industry' and 'marketing divisions' -- how much further was I getting by subscribing to a different set of 'DYT Fashion Rules?' set forth by Carol Tuttle who learnt her system from Illuminescence and Taylor Sinclaire? (Sorry, if I mispelled her name here...)

* * *

Now, in my previous 'attack' towards Carol, I had mentioned how these '4 personalities/4 Seasons' approach traces itself all the way back to a Bauhaus guru called J. Ittens. Just Google 'Ittens Color Theory' and you will find a lot to learn from his categorization of different color contrasts!

* * *

OK. Now. On to the REAL MEAT!

Sorry, I had to 'build this up' in this manner, because I like to be 'thorough!' :D
Please bear with me another 10 minutes!

* * *

I looked up 'human color palette' to see if it would show me any color combinations I can work off of, regarding fashion/wardrobe color choices.

After all, as Christine Scamen of argues, the human gene DOES have a certain color bias and there is such a thing as a preset color combination.

After looking through a lot of fascinating Pantone Skin Colors which came out a while ago, I stumbled across this:


more specifically...

and also these:

This is a model of 3 colors, and their 8 combinations!

That is, one color + white + black as a base.

Then, you get these 3 in between colors, as well as the center color!

According to this guy (shall we say, a GENIUS!) ALL of the 8 combos work!

Just in my head, that just feels like a total Color Jack Pot to me!

After all these years, and all this searching...

I can now finally work off of a REAL COLOR COMBO MODEL,
to work on my Core Wardrobe Colors!!!

(Goes off screaming into the other room... *mentally*... ^^)

* * *

Now, I think the above model shows how Ireene Online was so right about a very simple way to create 'elegance' in your clothing choices is to go with...

Your Hair Color + White.

Of course, she is NOT the only one who advocates wearing your hair color... Almost all image consultants start off by asking you what your hair/skin/eye colors are...!

But still, I think the above model really helps you choose from a COMPLETE mathematical probabilities of whatever color your hair or skin or eye color may be, to work out your contrast level and choose another color...

(Hope I'm explaining this clearly enough...! I'm Asian coloring so the orange of my skin tone and light/dark contrast really neatly works with the above model... Not sure if for Caucasian coloring or a different Ethnic coloring, this model might not seem as evident?)

* * *

I personally believe though, working out your 'Neutral' or 'Core Wardrobe Colors' can definitely find an exhaustive combination from the above model...

More so than any 4 seasons color approach, or Feng Shui approach, or Zyla's 8 body colors approach...

The above model thoroughly and visually shows us 'Possible Color Strategies' to opt for before you head out the door to spend and splurge on your fashion choices...

* * *

OK... I'm all grins...

Just for getting to this point...

BTW, that above site has a motherload of Color Theory... Might I add, a very intense amount of SERIOUS RESEARCH...!

So, I hope you'll have some 'take away' from my blog post this morning!

As a parting bonus,

here's another lovely coincidence for the numbers 5 and 8,
that ties into a demonstration of musical harmonics...!!!

See those 5 black ones, and the 8 white ones... ^__^?V


Harmony and Principles at work in the Universe of Sound and Colors!

Can't get any better than this!!!

Illumined L o v e ,


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