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Jul 21, 2013

Headband Chic for Summer 2013: The 5 Awesome Ways to Wear Your Headband

Celebs are all into this headband thing! :-)

OK ladies, headbands are totally in. Ever since Gossip Girl stylist has gotten our attention with Blair's headband styles, this headband thing has been an on-going trend. I've personally not been so hot for headbands, because Blair's style for me is kinda 'blah' and kind of 'bleak.' I mean, if you're going to do those headbands, you gotta spice it up or rock it! :-)

So. I came across a magazine image 2~3 years ago, a very sporty-casual and hip way to wear these headbands, but having like two left hands when it comes to hair styling, I'd just never been able to actually try it myself.

Well. I've Googled some of these for self-edification, and here are the final contenders, my 'Muses' for this summer! I've divided them into 5 different categories, so do enjoy! And have a cool, fab summer with some of these lovely options! :-D

1. The Messy Up Do (aka Top Knot) with a Headband

Above: This is very similar to the initial inspiration I got from a magazine couple years ago. Messy up-do with two thin headbands that were separated apart. I think this is really 'au courant' and LOVE this look!

Above Two: More images of sporty styling but with one headband. I guess the headband can be thicker as in the example above, or go super thin like Amanda Seyfried. I think both look uber chic, especially paired with minimalist or urban suiting.

Above Three: Here are some slightly 'chic-er' styles. The hair is combed slicker so it has that smoothed out quality...

Above Three: Then, there are these 'sweeter' styles... Something more romantic and sweet in how you add waves to your updo or have your updo less high but with a relaxed chignon, or a headband with a bow... all add a gentler and more delicate touch. :-)

Above Five: Then, there are the 'Variations' -- updo with super curls and headband, updo with bangs and a funkier headband, slightly carefree teased hair with headband, or a messy updo with an accented headband, and finally, a beehive updo with a heandband! :D

Above Two: Then, there are the 'Pops of Color' in your headband with your up do's!

2. Braids With Headband

Vanessa H. looking super cute and a la mode with these headbands paired with side braids! Makes me wish I had longer hair!

This blonde has her headband worn slightly lower, kind of like a 60s style, but because the braids are so up to date, it works. Be careful not to wear your headbands like this without the braids though...

You could look like a 60s Hippie walking around the wrong decade!

3. Pony Tail With a Headband

Here's P. Hilton wearing a thicker headband with a low pony tail. I think this looks really fresh and cute for shorter hair... A great look to wear for a casual day or for those days you run errands or something...

Above Two: Two more examples of a pony tail with headband. Notice how in both cases, the hair at the crown is teased... I've checked a lot of these photos and really learnt that without the tease and bouffant/poofy-ness, this look just doesn't work... You'll look really outdated without this volume for your crown!

In case you're not sure how to tease your hair for the headband look, here's a YouTube video tutorial! I've had to look it up, cuz I'm new to this too... :-D

OK. So I hope you learnt something from that...

Moving on... ^^

4. Chic Weddingy Up-do with Headband for Formal Occasions

Above Three: I was really pleasantly surprised by how chic the same up-do with headband styles could go extremely 'chic' from my research! Hillary Duff looks every bit lady like with her well-combed and teased up-do, and her cute bangs and satiny wide pale pink headband...

I love the the feathered headband with that fishnet covering in the second example... She looks both totally cute and elegant...

The last one has a subtle color palette with a romantic and elegant feel with the wavy teased hair... The earrings add the oh-so-appropriate finishing touch... I'd say this is a perfect do for a Hollywood red carpet event... Enough elegance and subtle chicness with a touch of trendy feel! *divine*

While we're at it, here are some REAL wedding / bride feel looks with a headband! Isn't that amazing!?? Too bad I'm not a bride this year!!! ;-P

5. Hair Down with Headband Looks

Above Five: Smooth or straight hair kept down with headband. Again, I can't stress enough how in each of these pics, the crown is teased how to create that 'shape' which really updates the look.

Very feminine wavy hair teased at the top with headband... All of them very gorgeous...

Wavy but side-swept or asymmetrical teased crown hair with headband... A nice variation to the above... I guess it gives a less sweet and more edgy feel...

Above Three: Neither straight nor wavy hair... sort of messy straight hair, maybe? Or bedroom hair? Anyhow, some more examples of good headband looks... 

And last but not least, the bouffant hair or pompadour hair, totally retro glam style... for that fun night out or a costume event night...!


OK! Thanks for reading and viewing this post!

I hope you found your inspiration!!

L o v e ,



PS. In case these were not enough, I've added some more up-do with headbands here:

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