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Jun 28, 2013

Working Your Project 333 BACKWARDS!!!

For those of you who struggle to *edit* or *curate* your wardrobe down to 33 items will LOVE this idea! Here's what Sarah Ferrigan in our Project 333 group shared the other day:
I'm choosing my 33 in a backward fashion! I started with an empty closet on the first of June. I stuck a numbered sheet on the door and I am adding my favourites as I wear them. I will stop adding when I get to 33.

I think this is a great idea for people who have strong P's. It is said that, "All Ps struggle with organization and maintaining order but ENTPs find it particularly hard. Their brain is so preoccupied with abstract ideas and possibilities that order and practical arrangements are a major challenge." -- Carol Craig, 2001 for ENSPIRE, UK.)

The same I believe will be true for those who have strong T1 in DYT; as Carol explained, T1s see possibilities and ideas. They think they can be ALL types! They find it hard to choose.

Here are my outfits from this week:

June 24, Monday, Teaching full time

June 25, Tuesday, Teaching full time

June 26, Wednesday, Teaching full time

June 27, Thursday, Teaching half day

I didn't realize how much blues and blacks I was wearing actually! But I do usually default to them :-)

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