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Jun 28, 2013

I'm a T4.t1 But I Like to Dress T4.t3 @_@~~!!

So recently, I came across a DYT video and it pretty much confirmed that what Carol typed me as is true.

I thought I was a T2 like the woman in the video, but I am actually a T4.t1. My MBTI is ENTP and my Enneagram is 7. So they all sort of line up.

But when I look at stuff I wear, I hardly wear any secondary 1 energy! I tend to do more secondary 3 energy with points, angles, and triangles...

I was reading Jane Rekas's blog today and found some great Polyvores she put together. If you need visual aid for knowing your types and tones, Jane has awesome Polyvores and Pinterest boards! 

So if you are a Type 4, take a look at these secondary profiles and visual aids...

Type 4 Dominant - type 1 secondary

In the videos Carol and Anne say bring in a little bit of *animation* and a little bit of *bling* if you have the secondary 1 energy. But you are not supposed to wear T1 colors.

Dominant Type 4 - type 2 secondary

Secondary 2s can wear longer necklaces, more flowy details, softer fabrication. More draping and scarves will be great for them.

Type 4 Dominant - secondary 3 energy

Secondary 3s like to wear edgier design lines, more points and angles, with chunkier textures or substantial even more emboldened designs. I guess they'd be the Dramatics in Kibbe.

* * *

Anyway, I'm becoming less bothered about having these 'uncorrelated' stuff regarding fashion/psychology/energy. I've learnt a lot about myself during this whole journey. Being a Type 4, as Carol touts repeatedly, means even if Carol told me I'm a T4-t1, I won't be the kind of person who'll just take her words for it. Which is true. :-) 

I couldn't just take what she said and settle for it. I chose to explore more on my own; I like it that way. I need to be in charge and spell things out for myself. And the whole figuring out (read, go into total T4 analysis mode) is what makes the exploration worthwhile.

* * *

I think this is where the contention that exists between FFS and DYT. And for now, I think one must think and decide for themselves which path to take.

Carol Tuttle in Dressing Your Truth (DYT) believes that, a) women's lives can be improved by knowing our dominant energy types, b) the types are more about your *movement* and how energy *moves through you* rather than your 'personalities' as those can change, and c) it helps for us to dress true to our dominant energy types and present that aspect in our visual presentation of ourselves, as that will help others understand us better, and expect the things of us which are true to who we are on the inside.

Fashion Feng Shui on the other hand believes that, a) everyone has their dominant elements which are seen in their bodies as well as their spirit selves, b) there is also a third aspect called your 'Intention' which you can choose to enhance and play up in your life regardless of what your physical or naturally bestowed spirit may be.

You can read more about FFS on Jane Rekas's blog:

I think with my strong T4 and t1 energies, I really need a little more flexibility than what DYT prescribes. I do love DYT in that it really taught me to create a totally cohesive look; I loved learning that in order to have that 'Look' you need to make the right choices for EVERY aspect of your attire. Not just clothes. Not just hair. Not just makeup. Not just accessories. Not just jewelry. The whole has to work together to create one clear statement. And in that regards, I think DYT really serves thousands of women to dress better, not just to feel great, but to look well put together. 

I've always struggled with limiting myself to ONE of anything. My Magpie Instinct has me running all over the place, chasing after novelty, although despite the wide array of stuff I collect in my ever expanding wardrobe, I will still strive to look 'clean' and dress 'adequately comfortable.'

* * *

To try and understand the disconnect between me being T4.t1 yet liking to dress in T4.t3 energy, maybe it is the Type 1 in me that just prefers 'Trendy' clothing and fashion which for this season coincided with a lot of the edgier more Tribal jewelry and accents.

The more disturbing explanation would be that I'm a closeted secondary 3, where my secondary is actually 3 but I've been judged for it in my FOO or culture, so I don't feel safe to embrace it?

Since my stylistic preferences keep changing it'd be hard to tell until after the trend is over! 

* * *

To wrap it up, I'm still plodding on with whittling down my List of 18 Fashion Types to a Final Contender. I've chosen 4 keywords by now. The other 14 didn't fit me at all. That was the easy part. (***The 18 Strangers concept is by Carol Foster and you can read my blog post on it below.)

My List of Contenders are...

For now, I'm pretty much sold that I'm doing a Dramatic with some Trendy thrown in. I've been a dramatic all my life, although I'm not too happy with the word 'dramatic' sound too much like 'drama queen' -- I just like things clean, simple, uncluttered. 

When I was younger, with less resources, less idea about myself, I think I tried to be more 'Classic' but I was clueless about accessories. I didn't know and still don't know how to blow dry my hair, I don't think I owned any vests or belts.

I've just recently (in the past 2 years that is) begun to explore the more diverse aspects of fashion and style. So now I am more into trying trendy stuff. I think I tried to meet my Secondary T1 needs by going the Trendy Route. 

Reading though, the above 18 types, I think the Spontaneous part of me might be closer to Flamboyant rather than Trendy. I think trendy runs the risk of adding too much on. And it seems less Bold. Less fresh. Compared to Flamboyant.

* * *

Having said that, I think those are all great but there's always a part of me that yearned for 'More' and while in the past that 'More' was something closer to 'Glamorous' and 'Alluring' I think these days, my thing is something 'Edgy/sexy' or I guess from the type given here, it's that 'Foxy' quality. I've always wanted that. Just didn't know how to embrace it and allow it, or justify it.

On the one hand, I know that even these gorgeous women are exactly like us mere mortals with all our flaws and gravity-subjected flesh. So I know wanting this is probably not such a practical nor realistic thing, maybe even not such a healthy thing. Especially since these women who look so hot and foxy are Plastic Barbies.

Well. There you have it.
I'm going out for some Indian food to treat myself before a work weekend.


See ya Fashion Reader!


xoxo Jessica

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