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Jun 25, 2013

Back Post: My Project 333 Cycle 1 Experience

A new friend of mine asked about my experience with Project 333, so I'm posting this ad lib. The BEST part of doing 333 was how clean and spacious my closet looked!

The biggest CHALLENGE that came with doing 333 was the sheer agony of *choosing* the 33. Being a T4-t1, the T4 in me wants *Perfection* and my t1 wants *Endless Possibilities* - which you can imagine is kind of like going for both Quality & Quantity in a way. The t1 in me gets bored or sick of things easily, while my T4 likes wearing a Perfect 10 outfit repeatedly. So it was a mixed bag of feelings for me to experience the first cycle of doing Project 333.

It did come as a surprise though, that there were items I didn't wear at all from the 33. Some of my weekend items didn't get worn more than twice. The tricky part though came after about 5 weeks into the program. The weather started to change and I kept changing items to other items or bought new things, and I got lost for a little bit, trying to keep track of my total 33!

Still, I felt a deep sense of accomplishment to push myself outside of my comfort zone! And I liked the feeling of slight tension for trying out something so novel! Other surprises along the way were, a) nobody ever said anything about me wearing the same clothes repeatedly, b) I tried new outfit combos switching out different colored layering tank tops to create new looks so those tank tops really mattered during this period, and c) I was surprised how little accessories I could get by with!, and d) I relished the feeling of complete control of my closet each morning, feeling like I was opening the doors to my own little collection, my own pre-selected clothes, my own boutique of sorts!

My 33 items for Fall 2012
October / November / December

1. Brown Prada jacket
2. Dark navy suit jacket
3. Black man2man top
4. Black long sleeve shirt
5. Black/white iced blouse
6. Yellow knit
7. Black V knit
8. Light weight bl. cardigan
9. Black camisole sheen
10. Blue T shirt (LOVE)
11. White typo T shirt long
12. White tank tee
13. Black tank tee
14. Neon pink tank tee
15. Purple/white stripe tank
16. Black jeggings
17. Black jeans
18. Dark denim jeans
19. Faux print leggings
20. Black H line skirt
21. Bl/Wh striped skirt
22. Bl/Wh knit skirt
23. White beaded t shirt
24. Wh/red flowerprint t
25. Black patent shoes
26. Black mary janes
27. White loafers
28. Black/white Converse
29. Black bag
30. Sunglasses
31. Umbrella
32. Necklace silver/black
33. Earrings blue/silver

Now that I know I'm a T4-t1 and with the insights from I am re-working my wardrobe. As my friend said this past weekend though, trying to impose a 'rule' over my t1 seems futile. I still want to find something that works for me. One limit I really want to impose is one regarding 'space' -- my clothes take up so much space. I get bored with my clothes so quickly, unless it is that special item that I love to bits which I'll wear over and over again. OK. More on that later... Progress Not Perfection!! :-)

Have a lovely day!



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