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Jun 18, 2013

3 Approaches to Defining Your Wardrobe & Developing a Color Palette For Your Wardrobe & Refine Your Style and Upgrade Your Wardrobe

Dear readers!

A member of our Project 333 group shared this AMAZING website today, and I just HAVE TO share this with you!!

It's kind of like a DREAM COME TRUE for me, to read this new blog; it explains with great depth and clarity in a way that is truly systematic and well thought-out, on how to edit and  create your *Curated* wardrobe!

I've begun to follow Ms. Rees's suggestions and having so much fun! My brain is in heaven!

Here are the top 3 blog postings I am reading and implementing right now...

To read about her 3 methods and approaches to a wardrobe read this:

Yes! I've posted on my own blog about color palettes, but I've always had trouble narrowing down my choices... Here, she beautifully explains how to do that!! :-)

By now, I'm thinking she must be a *Genius* as this post is Uber-Insightful!!! MUST READ!!

Wishing you a lovely cool Summer this year!

Oh, I've started some new boards during the process of working through her suggestions; I've made my color clusters, and I've also thought about my lifestyle needs as a *Teacher* which is shedding a lot of practical wisdom for finalizing my Summer capsule or Project 333 items...



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