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Feb 3, 2014

Your Rising-Moon-Sun Signs of Astrology Determine Your Fashion Aesthetic!

Today I found a new exciting way of clarifying and articulating, perhaps even 'Envision' my personal fashion aesthetic!

My friend K shared a link to AstroLada and I spent a good deal of time listening to Lada Duncheva on YouTube. I was totally blown away by her insights, and both K and I felt that her insights resonated with our actual day-to-day style preferences and fashion aesthetics!

Here in a nutshell is the gist of what Lada Duncheva explains in her YouTube videos:

1. Look to your Rising or Ascendant Sign as it describes your physique and it is also your  'mask' that you project to the public.

2. Look next to your Venus Sign, as it is telling of what appeals to you aesthetically. It will be even more pronounced for women as it shows their particular femininity.

3. Check your Moon Sign, which is your emotions, feelings, and vulnerability.

4. Check your Sun Sign, as this is the core of your personality.

5. If you know your chart well, the number of planets you have can also be another influential factor in how you prefer to don yourself.

>>> To find your own signs, you can check out
>>> To view Lada Duncheva's videos, you can type in these keywords in YouTube, "astrolada + fashion."

OK, so for those of you who would like to see how these play out with details, let me share what I found out for myself:

1. My Rising sign is Taurus, and more than anything my shoulders and hips definitely are influenced by Taurus energy, much more so than my Sun in Pisces... According to Lada Duncheva, Taureans are all about natural way of emphasizing beauty, organic firmness, earthy sensuality, mother Earth, and about understated quality. She mentions Penelope Cruz, Halle Berry, Uma Thurman, Princess Diana, and Jessica Alba as some of her examples for this type. Colors for Taureans are brown and green, and lots of natural, organic hues, as well as stunning white, but they are very sensitive to the quality of the fabric they wear next to their skin. The associated body part for Taurus people is neck, so necklaces and scarves can be great accents for us!

2. My Venus is in Pisces, and Pisces reads so differently than I expected. Pisces have many needs and the first thing for the fish people is the ability to move or swim, as they cannot tolerate restriction. They need to be able to move easily, and at times, they even need to be invisible and escape, so articles like big scarves and hats and sunglasses can help them do this. The assigned color for Pisces is transparency, so they like materials that are sheer and colors that reflect the virtues of water, so a lot of cool tones like purples, blues, and greens look great on these people. Pisceans however, are chameleons and elusive, so they are very hard to pin down; they can adapt to all kinds of fashion styles! Other more expected comments about Piscean style is that they like very feminine, girly, romantic styles; I however probably side more with my Taurus side because I don't do over-the-top romantic. Celebs mentioned for Pisces are Jessica Biel, Reese Witherspoon, Emma Watson, Drew Barrymore, and Kirsten Dunst. Pisces are all about feet, so footware can accentuate their beauty!

3. My Moon is in Aquarius, and apparently the Water Bearer sign has a dual goal. First, they favor the cool and edgy, very much Dandy styles like Justin Timberlake (whom I love!) and a lot of these Aquarius folk have an androgynous look to them. But after their 30s, they develop another side to them which they are well capable of doing if it is of their choosing, to dress to 'fit into the mainstream' which is something they won't be so hot about in their younger years. Navy and blue colors, including indigo look amazing on Aquarians.

* * *

Bonus Section:
I also found some really amazing insights from Lada Duncheva regarding the type of partner you will attract based on your 3 key signs (rising/moon/sun). According to Lada, the rising sign usually affects our relationships the most based on her previous readings for people, which would roughly account for more than 40% of our love life, followed by the moon sign which is about 30%, then the sun sign which we are most familiar with usually accounts for 25%. The fascinating advice though is that the sign that is the opposite of your sign actually is deemed your best match! And the rationale is that we learn the most and evolve the most when we are with our opposite sign.

For example, with my rising in Taurus, the partner who will benefit my spiritual and personal growth the most is Scorpio. For my moon in Aquarius, Leo is the best match. Then for my Pisces, a Virgo man will be the best teacher for me. Lada says that the percentages are guidelines, and some people will tend to date their moon's opposite sign the most or their rising sign's opposite sign etc. Of course, when she says opposite sign, it doesn't just mean a guy who has the Sun in that sign, it can be a guy who just has a lot of planets in that opposite sign, or someone who has a moon in that sign, etc., so it is quite flexible in that regard.

In my case, I've dated a fair number of Leo's in my life. And not as many Scorpio's. Probably very very few Virgo's if any! So it'll be fun to see what happens when I start to try new things there!

OK~~ I hope this was entertaining and insightful for you!

>>> To find your own signs, you can check out
>>> To view Lada Duncheva's videos, you can type in these keywords in YouTube, "astrolada + relationship."

Love & Joy to you~*


Princess Valerie-Cherry-Pie

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