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Jun 13, 2012

*omg* I'm a Type 4!!!

Well, the verdict is in.

I've had a Skype session with Carol Tuttle and she has seen my body movement and how I speak etc., and I am now a confirmed Type 4!

I've been working with DYT material for a little over a year to get to this point, and all the frustrations I've been feeling with not feeling that 'energy boost' from trying out the other types, is now subsiding!

Type 4 despite all its negative associations and 'faults' has turned out to be a wonderful new shift for me, on so many levels and dimensions!

The biggest takeaway is the psychological shift and the inner changes I experience inside my head! It is still taking its effect in stages, as I incorporate more and more of this 'Truth' within myself.

One of the first few telltale signs that T4 might be the real deal for me came actually from strangers. I was just testing it out, with the clothes I already had in my closet. Wearing a black top and jeans, bolder necklace, and white loafers. I defined my eyebrows a little more carefully. I was noticed, complimented on by a total stranger in the street, in broad daylight, he actually stopped dead in his tracks and gave me the complete once over (thankfully not in a gross way!) and muttered something that was complimentary.

There were two occasions when I wore a punchy pink and black ensemble and a taxi driver and a bus driver asked if I was a TV personality/actress.

Well, the biggest of all surprises came after I was confirmed by Carol, and I was still in shock with the news of actually BEING a Type 4 dominant. I couldn't help but think Wow! I'm a type 4! All the negative things I thought about T4 ARE my strengths!!!

I felt like a complete different person for the next couple of days. The energy I was feeling was what one would call a Total Zyng!!

So that is how it all happened. And oh, the biggest surprise was that my students, really noticed the shift in me, and so I actually felt a huge change in my Professional life too!

When I embraced all of the T4 traits in me, both positive AND negative, and I wasn't judging myself, my students felt that too, and the way they responded to me was just UNBELIEVABLE. They were coming to me left and right, saying thank you for teaching them so well, they wrote cards, notes, and letters to express their gratitude and appreciation. I still have those students calling my name in the hallway at break time, with the kind of positive expectation I have never seen before!

Of course, the shock is now wearing off. I'm wearing this BOLD red lipstick everyday now. Me wearing bolder colors is not a surprise either.

Yet the Type 4 expression continues to really support me. I feel so much better with T4 makeup and clothes. I was feeling rather blue this past weekend (mostly due to fatigue) and when I put the T4 makeup and clothes on, I felt an instant energy lift.

I am still figuring out if T1 really IS my secondary. But this IS a minor aspect. My dominant type will not change. I look forward to more energy shifts as I continue on my DYT journey. I know there are lots more to explore within the realm of T4ness.

I'm so very happy now, and getting to know more T4 ladies in the group is an added bliss!

Thanks for reading!

And remember, this is just a NEW beginning now!

This journey ain't done for, yet!!!





  1. Glad you're feeling good about it!


  2. i've just been watching the free online course of DYT... I want to take the real course, but don't really want to spend the $100. However, i think it might be worth it... i would like fashion help. anyway... just wanted to say i think i am a type 4, too!
    any thoughts??