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Jun 20, 2012

[App Review] My Fashion Assistant for Android

So, this is one of the most recent purchases I've made in Google Play Store! It isn't as slick as the iPhone's fashion apps... but I must say this is the best of the bunch for Android users... :->

There are a variety of free apps you can use but some of them won't let you Share your pictures so it becomes rather useless, and some of the others just had really horrible interface that it just turned you *off*...

I've finally tested it out and took pictures of 12 items for my Dozen Formula trial, which I wrote below. So far, no troubles taking photos and sending them to my email account to work on my desktop, so I'm happy!

Obviously the next step would be to try creating outfits and see what the editing functions are like... but one step at a time baby!

^ __ ^ VV



Update: I have used this app a couple more times by now. At least a 2 dozen times. I am afraid that I no longer like this app. I have written to the team about all the various problems I've been having. But it wasn't helpful and did not fix my problems. So, sorry! Please try the app with caution! You've been warned!

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