Mar 10, 2012

the True Autumn Woman

City Worker

Accepting My True Colors

Last night, I was up till 4am unable to pull myself away from the True Autumn color palette that Christine Scaman shared on her 12Blueprints Facebook page.

As I connected with the colors, I really felt a sense of joy and acceptance, and a feeling of hope too. Below are some examples I pulled from her page:

There were some nature images too which I found quite compelling!

Not only that, but these too! For your makeup!!


Seeing all of these gorgeous colors, I felt enthused to BE an Autumn!

If you want to know more about your *perfect colors* check out her website and also try her YouTube videos!

Thank you Christine Scaman! Your work and devotion are so inspiring!



Mar 2, 2012

Core Wardrobe Color Ideas for a Deep Autumn Woman

I've just spent the evening browsing through Design Seed's gorgeously beautiful color palettes. Here are some palettes I really love, which might work well as a core wardrobe color palette for Deep Autumn women!

I especially love the first three! I feel that I won't get bored of those colors as much, they are practical colors and work well with all kinds of other colors... All in all, amazing!

The last one, although much softer than the other palettes might be a nice supplementary one to give some variety for Spring accent colors, especially since the other three are much "heavier" and can be worn year round...

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