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Feb 13, 2012

Wish: Wearing My Eye Colors

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Ever since I learned about how important your hair, skin, and eye colors are to your dressing well, I've been curious about what it would be like to wear my eye colors.

My hair color is black/off black and just like a whole slew of Koreans, I've been wearing black all my life. Nothing new there!

They say skin color, nude colors attract more sexual harassment than any other colors, so unless I want to purposely look nude, there's not much point wearing them! Maybe a complementary color to my skintone, which turned out to be a pale cornflower blue might work.

Anyway... as the above image depicts a harmonious and beautiful representation of someone wearing their eye color, I really wanted to do something quite like it.

But shopping for this has not proved easy!

My friend Jane Rekas made me 3 awesome, inspiring photos
on what it might be like to dress with my eye colors!

Anyhow, so today, I finally found a good sunlight to work with,
and made some color schemes using my dominant eye color.

Monochromatic Scheme

Complementary Scheme

30 degrees Analogous Scheme

35 degrees Split Complementary Scheme

90 degrees Double Complementary (Tetradic) Scheme

90 degrees Analogous Scheme

There are some more of these but you get the idea... :-)
If you want to know your eye color, take a photo of it in the sunglight,
upload it to, find out its hex number.

and choose the Hex value & explore the 13 different color schemes based on your eye color!

That's all from me today, folks!

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