Feb 13, 2012

Learn Your Hair/Skin/Eye Colors' Hex Numbers Using a Photo & Create Your Best Color Schemes Using Free Color Scheme Generators

Thanks to the DYT/EYT members, I have found a great website to help me
record and play around with David Zyla's suggestions for learning
what colors are local to your body.

The website is as you can guess from the image above...

You can upload your own face/hair/eye picture and it will
give you your colors and hex numbers.

These colors are taken from a photo I took of my face and hair today.
Sunshine is helpful to know your true colors they say...

I used Photoshop spoid to get the colors from my
hair, eye, and skin.

I realized that my face color and neck color are very different;
my face has a lot of redness, but my neck doesn't.

My eye photo uploaded to Whatsitscolor website.
It gives you some color palettes and as you can see, there is a link to
another awesome color site... Adobe Kuler!

Once you know your colors by their hex numbers,
you can play and create various color palettes very easily using Kuler!

Below is an example of a page I created using Kuler...
The color in the middle of the palette is the average dominant color of my eye.

Actually, Kuler gives you a choice of 6 ready made color palettes,
and you can create a custom palette too.

The example above is using the middle color as base color,
and the 4 other colors are Monochromatic to the base color.

If the 5 color palette is too basic for you...
http://www.perbang.dk/color+scheme/ has an even more advanced color tool!!!

This is a hue map using my dominant skin color...
All I had to do was punch in my skin color's hex number!
Et voila! Hey presto!

I did another one below for the complementary color to my skin!
(Kay, if you ever get to read this, I think this is why I kept wearing so much blue!)

Not only that, but it gives you conversions to all kinds of color systems...
For instance, I used to determine my colors using the Pantone color guide TPX,
so I wanted to know the corresponding names to the Hex colors...

Here's an example of my lip color...
As you can see, I can see the conversion of the hex color from my photo...
and see the corresponding color for my Pantone guide...

On the right, you can see the Complementary Color Scheme to this color...
The color harmonies grouping is, in my humble opinion,
one of the most "advanced" and "helpful" to exploring your
wardrobe mix colors. At least, that's what I intend to use it for. :-)

This is an example of my dominant skin tone, and the complementary color scheme!
I am so happy that this site gives you a lot more colors than Kuler!

This could easily be adapted for working out your best Core Wardrobe Colors,
as well as choosing your Basic Colors.

In my next post, I will share a series of these color schemes using
my dominant eye color!

Thanks for reading~
And Have Fun with Color Today!


  1. That is an awesome post, Jessica! SO much helpful information. I haven't tried all the things you have, and might do so now that I see what you've come up with here.

  2. What a neat little site! Thanks for sharing! Good post


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