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Feb 9, 2012

Great tips on... REINVENTING YOUR STYLE -- Jennifer Butler

7 principles, based on Jennifer Butler’s observations of Mother Nature and great works of art. The context of these principles is to be in the affirmative. You are always congruent and always look beautiful.

1. The Principle of Contrast

CONTRAST – Clarity and Focus: The purpose of repeating the same level of contrast that exists between your hair, skin and eyes is to give your physical presentation clarity so that people can focus on you and what you have to say.
Contrast is the difference in value between light to dark. Low Contrast creates a more blended quality. Medium Contrast equals brown and camel. High Contrast equals black and white. An appropriate level of contrast in an outfit creates a clear picture of you. It’s important to recognize your range; not a specific category.

2. The Principle of Texture

TEXTURE – Creates Interest and Harmony: By choosing clothing and accessories that repeat the texture of your hair and skin, you create a look that is dynamic and harmonious. The more variation in your facial features, the more texture you should wear.
Your unique design patterns engage the viewer’s eye and make you interesting.Smooth Texture creates simple design. Medium Texture is not too busy and not plain. Rugged Texture creates all over surface pattern and keeps the eye moving. Texture equals the amount of surface interest in a fabric. The greater the surface interest, the greater the texture.

3. The Principle of Complexity

COMPLEXITY – Balance and Integrity: The design of the hair, skin and eyes is repeated in the print, texture, and design throughout the body. The more energy a person radiates the more complexity should be reflected.
One of the most important factors in figuring complexity is your personal energy. Some people can wear lots of design – several necklaces, bracelets, earrings, belts, scarves and print design. Others wear very little jewelry and solids. The range of complexity is the amount of busyness and detail that someone can handle in an outfit.

4. The Principle of Scale and Proportion

SCALE & PROPORTION – Creates balance and symmetry. When you wear the appropriate size accessories (eyewear, necklace, earrings, tie, scarf, belt) the body looks balanced and integrated.
When we appear in balance, we appear in harmony and grounded. Proper scale and proportion give the body a sense of appropriate balance. Scale and proportion is first defined by the size of your face in relation to your height and the proportion of your features on your face.

5. The Principle of Geometry

GEOMETRY – Congruency and Repetition: When you repeat, not compete, with the geometric shapes found in your body, you express the fascinating design pattern that you were born with.
In repeating your native design pattern you create drama and interest.

6. The Principle of Visual Weight

VISUAL WEIGHT – Alignment and Flow: When you align with your body type and visual weight of your hair, skin, and features, you honor the natural flow of your body.
When you dress according to your visual weight you honor the natural flow of your body.

7. The Principle of Print Selection

PRINT SELECTION – When you discover the size and character of print that is right for you, you can have fun choosing prints that express different sides of your personality (your heritage, your inner child, your humor, etc.).

Prints highlight that which makes you interesting. Prints are the exclamation point.


Whether we’re aware of it or not, our closets tell the real story of who we think we are, may have been, want to be, and sometimes are.

Why isn’t the beauty we so easily see in nature something we recognize in ourselves? I invite you to believe that you are a perfect creation just the way you are.

By having the language to evaluate your features in a new way, you can then begin to use the concept of repetition in your clothing choices.

WINTER ESSENCE – The moonlight reflects the crystalline quality of the ice and snow

SPRING ESSENCE – The sunlight essence nourishes new beginnings

SUMMER ESSENCE – The twilight energy allows us to live in a state of grace

AUTUMN ESSENCE – The expansiveness of the firelight essence contributes nourishmentand fruition for all

Thanks to Anita and Kay who shared this with us!

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