Dec 19, 2012

Get Your Neutrals - Sterling Style Academy

Finally!! I have found a style program that is every bit polished and uber sophisticated! I don't know why but a lot of the fashion/style programs out there including a lot of the capsule wardrobe / seasonal color analysis programs just didn't seem to satisfy my aesthetic yearnings.

I am now in LOVE with the suggestions and materials from Michelle Cheung T Sterling* of Sterling Style Academy & Global Image Group. To give you a little taste of how AMAZING her insights are, I give you some of her jpg's! Enjoy~!!

Merry Christmas to you~*

*2013-08-04: I apologize for getting her name wrong, readers. I've corrected it now. Thanks to Sterling Style Academy worker who pointed it out to me.

Sep 5, 2012

Type 4 Hair for Fall 2012: The Layered Bob Hairstyle

Mostly the 'Sleek' hairstyles that seem easy to care for and mostly urban yet feminine... Or at least that's what it feels like to me!

Will see what my hairstylist says!

My First Type 4 Hairstyle Research: The Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyle

After looking at a hundred photos both from DYT recommendations and online, I found two photos that would work for me, as my FIRST EVER T4 hair makeover!

I needed an easy to care for style that was going to look good for both casual and semi-formal looks. I particularly LOVED these two images, a) for the asymmetrical bob in the first one, and b) gentle layering and overall feminine feel in the second one.

Here were the runner-ups! But the first one below felt a bit too formal, and the ones at the bottom apparently require a lot of effort to maintain. So, no-go's for me...

OK! I'm now couple of months into the whole DYT Type 4 dressing thing, having spent the Summer with pretty much only Type 4 clothes!

Fall is here and I will post up some new things soon!



Project 333/Phase 4/Summer Look 49

Sep 2, 2012

Versace - Collezioni Primavera Estate 2012 -

John Richmond - Collezioni Primavera Estate 2012 -

Untitled #731

Astley Clarke ring



Ring (see more engraved rings)

Alice Cicolini ring

Unbenannt #507

Red Crush

Untitled #282

Jun 20, 2012

[Service Review] The Fashion Code VS Fashion Fit Formula

So last night, on the spur of the moment, I decided to finally give the Fashion Code a try! Thank you to the T4 ladies who shared this amazing site with me!

I bought this Code because I was noticing that I had a closet full of stuff but I always reach for certain clothing items, but not the others. One in particular was a gorgeous red cardigan which I fell in love with at the store, thinking that I'd wear it everyday...

Well, it turns out that each individual has unique proportions that are best served by dressing the right lengths in the choice of their garments!

My red cardigan didn't work for me despite the gorgeous color and basic/classic style because the length was all wrong on me.

For those of you who noticed the links on the left, I have had the 'Fashion Fit Formula (aka FFF)' link there for quite some time now. I initially found this website and have always wanted to try it.

Well, after I found out about the Fashion Code which is basically the same type of service but one that was... a) instant download (in PDF format), and b) required a lot LESS measurements than the FFF, I just had to go with that...!

For 30 bucks, you can weed out your wardrobe! And know for SURE which pieces will work for your body proportions and make you look amazing... Then you can also take the pieces that need some alterations and also save heaps of money that way! By not buying new pieces!

(OK, I am not affiliated or get money for sharing this info... So relax!)

I've shared this site with a lot of my friends online, and just as I was really impressed and convinced with their Before and After's, they too were interested and happy with their purchase!

Just spreadin' the joy~*


[App Review] My Fashion Assistant for Android

So, this is one of the most recent purchases I've made in Google Play Store! It isn't as slick as the iPhone's fashion apps... but I must say this is the best of the bunch for Android users... :->

There are a variety of free apps you can use but some of them won't let you Share your pictures so it becomes rather useless, and some of the others just had really horrible interface that it just turned you *off*...

I've finally tested it out and took pictures of 12 items for my Dozen Formula trial, which I wrote below. So far, no troubles taking photos and sending them to my email account to work on my desktop, so I'm happy!

Obviously the next step would be to try creating outfits and see what the editing functions are like... but one step at a time baby!

^ __ ^ VV



Update: I have used this app a couple more times by now. At least a 2 dozen times. I am afraid that I no longer like this app. I have written to the team about all the various problems I've been having. But it wasn't helpful and did not fix my problems. So, sorry! Please try the app with caution! You've been warned!

[Book Review] The Dozen Formula by Isabelle Brusati

I have just finished reading and reviewing a most wonderful Capsule Wardrobe book that actually works for me! :-) Read on to see what made it tick for me!

If you'd like to check out the book on you can go straight to this link:

I've seen a lot articles, books, and videos on the Capsule Wardrobe -- all with different 'numbers' and I am so glad I gave this book a chance! It did feel a bit pricey but it was well worth my money!

Of all the 'systems' I've seen and 'approaches' there are for creating your Capsule Wardrobe, this was the most straightforward, practical one!

It took the least amount of time to read and implement, hence the full 5 stars!

If you're looking for a lot of photos, this book isn't much help though. It reads like a digest, and gets its point across in the most economical yet articulate manner. (If you love seeing photo examples, I recommend Imogen Lamport's book on accessorizing which is available from her website and Kindle. Polyvore always helps too!)

What I liked most about this book, as opposed to other systems I've researched is that it doesn't go into any lengths about 'color' -- one of the most fascinating videos I saw on YouTube (Building a Capsule Wardrobe for Women by expertvillage) suggests you choose 3 colors. I have never been able to do this for some reason.

What this book suggests is to first workout your life style pie chart -- which isn't new at all -- but then to go on and pick out 4 jackets/cardigans, 4 shirts/blouses, and 4 bottoms. The author tells you to choose each item carefully, and I can now see why it's important to consider your life style pie chart! She even says that you should only shop for one item at a time! I should REALLY start doing this!!

I was skeptical at first whether the 12 pieces would REALLY be enough... But I've just taken photos of my pieces, and as I think about the possible 'outfits' I can create, I'm really surprised that there really can be a great variety just from my 12!!!!

It also forces me to choose each piece carefully, with forethought; I can now see where I'm lacking what I need! All my jackets/cardigans are dark colors. It's summer now, and I could really use a white color, and I am also lacking an evening/casual jacket. So that'd be a piece that could really stretch my wardrobe!

Similarly, I felt that I didn't have enough summer pants, but I could substitute that with a white denim skirt... and live with that.

I am so happy I got to know this system! Thanks to the author!

Some of the more elaborate Capsule systems out there are -- Nancy Nix-Rice's version where you can actually create like a hundred outfits following her system (She used to share free information on this but I guess it is now only available to subscribers to her newsletter). But my brain can't handle that much info. Nor is it easy to shop for twin knits that work for her system. I've tried and failed.

The photo examples in the book are clear enough to see the author's main points; the few accessorizing points she made were well executed. When I think of my shopping tendencies, this book has paid for itself tenfold!

Not having to buy heaps of clothes to create outfits now leaves me with more funds to focus and update my accessories! I can't wait to get this system working for me! I'm a novice but I feel very hopeful and sure that this is going to turn out really well!

PS. At the risk of sounding too eager, there are other systems like having only 6 items, 33 items (Project 333 where you wear the 33 pieces including jewelry and accessories for 3 months), or creating your uniform. Some books suggest having a work capsule composed of odd number of items between 5-11 pieces, and then having another capsule for leisure wear, and evening wear. The beauty of this particular system is that the Dozen Formula actually covers ALL of those needs in ONE capsule! I'll have to live with this and see if it really suffices or not though! :-) I'll be back with updates when I'm ready!! Till then, have fun!

* * *
Here are my initial selections for my first Dozen! It obviously needs some tweaking but it's a start! And a work in progress!

The 4 Tops: Jackets & Cardigans

The 4 Shirts: Shirts, Blouses, Tshirts

The 4 Bottoms: Skirts and Pants

(These photos were taken with my Galaxy Tab smartphone camera, cataloged into My Fashion Assistant, then collaged using PicsArt app.)

Happy stylin' ladies! 
Much love & affection~


Jun 13, 2012

*omg* I'm a Type 4!!!

Well, the verdict is in.

I've had a Skype session with Carol Tuttle and she has seen my body movement and how I speak etc., and I am now a confirmed Type 4!

I've been working with DYT material for a little over a year to get to this point, and all the frustrations I've been feeling with not feeling that 'energy boost' from trying out the other types, is now subsiding!

Type 4 despite all its negative associations and 'faults' has turned out to be a wonderful new shift for me, on so many levels and dimensions!

The biggest takeaway is the psychological shift and the inner changes I experience inside my head! It is still taking its effect in stages, as I incorporate more and more of this 'Truth' within myself.

One of the first few telltale signs that T4 might be the real deal for me came actually from strangers. I was just testing it out, with the clothes I already had in my closet. Wearing a black top and jeans, bolder necklace, and white loafers. I defined my eyebrows a little more carefully. I was noticed, complimented on by a total stranger in the street, in broad daylight, he actually stopped dead in his tracks and gave me the complete once over (thankfully not in a gross way!) and muttered something that was complimentary.

There were two occasions when I wore a punchy pink and black ensemble and a taxi driver and a bus driver asked if I was a TV personality/actress.

Well, the biggest of all surprises came after I was confirmed by Carol, and I was still in shock with the news of actually BEING a Type 4 dominant. I couldn't help but think Wow! I'm a type 4! All the negative things I thought about T4 ARE my strengths!!!

I felt like a complete different person for the next couple of days. The energy I was feeling was what one would call a Total Zyng!!

So that is how it all happened. And oh, the biggest surprise was that my students, really noticed the shift in me, and so I actually felt a huge change in my Professional life too!

When I embraced all of the T4 traits in me, both positive AND negative, and I wasn't judging myself, my students felt that too, and the way they responded to me was just UNBELIEVABLE. They were coming to me left and right, saying thank you for teaching them so well, they wrote cards, notes, and letters to express their gratitude and appreciation. I still have those students calling my name in the hallway at break time, with the kind of positive expectation I have never seen before!

Of course, the shock is now wearing off. I'm wearing this BOLD red lipstick everyday now. Me wearing bolder colors is not a surprise either.

Yet the Type 4 expression continues to really support me. I feel so much better with T4 makeup and clothes. I was feeling rather blue this past weekend (mostly due to fatigue) and when I put the T4 makeup and clothes on, I felt an instant energy lift.

I am still figuring out if T1 really IS my secondary. But this IS a minor aspect. My dominant type will not change. I look forward to more energy shifts as I continue on my DYT journey. I know there are lots more to explore within the realm of T4ness.

I'm so very happy now, and getting to know more T4 ladies in the group is an added bliss!

Thanks for reading!

And remember, this is just a NEW beginning now!

This journey ain't done for, yet!!!




May 10, 2012

Your Wardrobe's Main Colors and Accent Colors

I was still having some trouble narrowing down on my wardrobe colors. A lot of the Capsule Wardrobe suggestions keep saying that you have to limit your colors to 3 or 4. Being an ENTP, it's hard for me to limit things! It stresses me out!

Anyhow, I found a neat and helpful tip from an interior design website and here are some examples for Main Colors and Accent Colors. I think having 3 main colors and 2 or 3 accent colors will be a lot easier to work with, and help me clarify my decisions and thinking.

I will have to start with some neutrals of course, which is another 'challenge' for me!

Here are some blue-based color schemes:

Yellow based color schemes:

What would be really great and money-saving is to have my Main Colors sorted out; and to have them be a color scheme I could wear for 2-3 years. And update them every 2-3 years with switching out one color for another. And each season I can work with new accent colors, and accessorize accordingly so that the look stays fresh and spiced up!

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