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Nov 18, 2011

What I wore to work today

A wise friend of mine suggested that I write about what I wear each day and see how I feel over a period of time to determine my predominant type.

The weather's gone crazy in Seoul lately. We had summer, then winter, then fall, and now back to winter! So I'm keeping warm with a black parka (T4), a mustardy top (T3), and muddy brown pants (T3).

How did I feel in all these? Well. I like all of them separately. But they don't go so well together! I wore them together because they have the best insulation against the current weather, and keep me warm enough but not too warm for my classroom. If it were to be tweaked for better *styling* I'd wear the pants (they're new!) with a peach shirt, and a T3 red color belted pea-coat with sharp looking loafers that match the color of my pants!

The mustardy top would be worn with ivory slacks for a formalish look, or dark denim skirt for a casual look.

That black parka would be worn with a dress though with thick warm tights. The dress would be woollen or tweed type thing that's mod yet chic.

Anyhow, how did I feel in those three put together? I felt totally weather appropriate, yet pretty dowdy overall! T_T. Sad!

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  1. I love the idea of wearing an orangy color with a red color. I am considering doing that at Christmas time so I don't have to give up my orange.