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Nov 6, 2011

Once You Know Your Season, Determine Your Core Wardrobe Colors to Save Money!

Hi ladies! So whether you're Dressing Your Truth or have been color-analyzed at home or by a consultant, you now know what your dominant type is or what your recommended color ranges are! But we're just getting started! :->

After I found out that I'm a Vivid Autumn/Deep Autumn/Striking Autumn (they pretty much mean the same thing!) I still realized I didn't have a cohesive wardrobe that is well put together with a color strategy to support me.

The problem is not that I don't have enough clothings and accessories. It is that I have too many colors!!! After looking at some style inspirations, I realized a couple of things about my color preferences. And I was determined to have a core wardrobe color or at least to have a plan and strategy to help me make future style purchases that didn't end up as an expensive mistake!

So, today, I would like to suggest a starting point for you! Now, please bear in mind that this step is for ladies who already know what seasonal color group they're in!

The color combo suggestions below are some resources I came across in my research in 2010. I'm so glad the website is still there!

The site also has some great info on how to budget for your wardrobe and have a three year clothing budget plan!

I meant to share the color combo palettes on my post but I just found out that the creator of that website has a Copyright policy where she prefers you to only share her links with others. So I'm refraining from sharing her texts, images, and worksheets, and leaving you to discover them for yourself!!

List of all links on her website:

Bon voyage!

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