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Nov 7, 2011

My Studies Thus Far to Create a Color Strategy for My Capsule Wardrobe!!

This has been my journey in color so far!

Just looking at the color palettes, I was so drawn to the Autumn with Summer Influence color combinations. They looked so soft and feminine! But trying the color combo's right below my chin level in my photos showed that her suggestions are dead right! I look more focused in the color combinations from the Autumn with Winter Influence color palette.

OK. So which color grouping do you think works best on me? There are so many color analysis methods out there. And these are the ones I've tried so far. 

Thanks for reading & voting! :->

Love & Light,



  1. Could you take some pictures where you actually drape yourself with these colors, scarves, shirts, towels, anything? Otherwise it doesn't show the effect of the color. Good luck!