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Nov 6, 2011

My Best Neutral Colors From Experience (recommended for Deep Autumns)

My primary neutrals: BLACk / TAUPE
I looked up color groups in Wikipedia, and Black has its own page but taupe is actually a mixture of grey and brown! For me, these two are my wardrobe stables and I need them for outer wear, tops, bottoms, bag/shoes/belt, and hat/gloves/scarf to make my wardrobe functional and cohesive. This is where most of my investment pieces should go. Where I should spend the most on in terms of color strategy. Probably around 70-80% of my money should go here.

My secondary neutrals: DARK NAVY / IVORIES
The warm midnight blue and jeans are all blue colors. The ivory/beige/creams/wheats are a mixture of yellow and white. Compared to my primary neutrals, these really are a small proportion of my wardrobe items. One blouse for work in a dark navy (or more specifically a warmed up midnight blue), a pair of dark denim pants, one navy jacket OR a denim jacket depending on your life-style, if you like navy maybe a scarf, bag, and skirt could work well also. Light neutrals could be a classic white shirt, a cream sleeveless blouse, a light neutral shell for Late Spring to Early Fall, just one pair of light neutral pants and a skirt, and one ivory fur trimmed coat for Winter. If you go on a lot of expensive dates or hotel weddings, you might do well with a beige bag/shoes/pashmina. I would probably spend somewhere between 15-5% for these colors.

My tertiary neutrals: WINE / EGGPLANT
My full length winter coat is in wine color and it's been with me for several years now. And I don't get tired of it. I think I like it better than a full length black coat. A cashmere blend V neck knit I had for work also lasted several years and the color was eggplant. Another dress which didn't last as long but still served me well was a Byzantium/Purple linen dress for summer.

Having paired these two colors side by side, I realize there's a huge pontential for these colors as accent colors in my wardrobe. But I'm not sure what design lines and fabric they ought to be in. But preferring to err on the side of classic/practical/frugal, I think it might be better to build these colors into my wardrobe slowly. Well, we'll see. After all, this exercise was just to clear my head and review my past choices in building a wardrobe. Anyhow, I would again spend somewhere between 15-5% for these colors.

I think color strategy is something that can really make or break a wardrobe. :-> Happy colorifique day to you ladies!



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