Nov 6, 2011

Money Saving Color Strategy for Your Core Wardrobe Colors: Stock up on Neturals!

Today I'm really thinking about the colors I wear over and over and never get sick of. I realize that the clothes that survive and get the most wear in my closet basically fall into 3 or 4 colors! 

a) warm tone black
b) warm tone midnight blue
c) muted or dusty browns or grays = all taupe's ranging from light to dark!
d) white/ivory/cream/wheat-ish lights neutrals.

I have tried many colors over the years and last year I included some intense tans into my core color group. But other than my jeans, the only articles of clothing I repeatedly wear are just those. Maybe adding a wine for winter. But that's pretty much it. 

So after all the shopping and wearing's been done, the colors I don't get sick of are actually VERY FIXED!! And any and all of the colors I wore have come and gone, and passed through my wardrobe!

This is especially important for people living in the colder climates; because most Winter clothes are pricier than your Summer clothes, and because they usually are more durable it is twice as more important to invest well for your Winter clothes. 

Once you understand your fabrics, you'll find that you can actually find some fabrics that will take you through 3 different seasons! Or maybe 2. But these days, I really try to avoid clothes that will only give me 1 season of wear. If I do, I make sure that those are the trendy pieces that can spice up my wardrobe but do that well.

OK then. So below is a chart of Neutral Colors that you can wear and not get tired of for a long time. I think it's helpful to find the neutral color that matches or enhances your hair/eye colors. And to make sure that it is a color that also goes well with your skin's overtone and undertone.

In my case, because of my deep dark hair and eye colors, warm black, warmed up midnight blue, charcoal gray, muted dark brown (this could be cooler than other colors!), and a medium value taupe have served me well for over a decade. I actually own a wool jacket that I bought 10 years ago that still fits me like a dream and doesn't look worn at all. 

OK. Gotta go and work on streamlining that Winter Capsule Work Wardrobe of Mine now!

Keep warm or cool (depending on where you live of course!)!!
And stay safe and happy!



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