Oct 3, 2011

Type 3/4 Hair Makeover & Type 3 Hair Styles I Like

After I found out that I am a Dominant Type 3, and knowing that I am a Deep Autumn, I decided to get my hair done to suit a Type 3/4 woman as suggested by Carol Tuttle.

I got my hair done in Myung-dong, a fashion & commercial district in Seoul --
and it came out like this:

Actually, my earrings, lipstick, blusher, and eyeshadow, camisole and T-shirt are also new.
And pretty much all Type 3 stuff!

Two days later, I styled my hair with a flat iron (still learning!) and it came out like this:

My new clothes are from Forever 21. They are great for trendy wear!

>>>> <<<<

Here are some other Type 3 Hair Styles I Love:

OK. So I maybe not so much this last one...
But you gotta appreciate the gesture :->

For those of you ladies who know DYT, have you noticed that my smiley face is also changed? I used to do the :-) thing with a curved smile, now knowing I'm a T3, it's gotta have that angle! :->

There you go!

One last look: I found one photo where I had my hair pretty close to a Type 3 hair. But at the time I was clueless on how to maintain those curls. So it never looked as great as the day I left the hair salon! Well, that's one really neat thing about DYT! They teach you how to take care of your curls! :->

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