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Oct 30, 2011

Take the 4 items 14 outfits challenge!

The idea is to create 14 completely different outfits using only these 4 clothing items. You may use accessories to style the 14 looks. Your outfits must include everyday work, a night on the town to a hip club, a chic restaurant with boss and one with your significant other, baseball game and barbecue, a board meeting, as well as lounging at home, and shopping with your gal pals. It really forces you to think! And I was surprised with myself!
OK. So here are the outfits you need to create with the basic 4 items:

  • 1 basic white t-shirt, 
  • 1 dark wash denims, 
  • 1 little black dress and 
  • 1 matching suit jacket. 

The only other clothing item you can add is a vest which counts as an accessory. You are allowed to use scarf, belt, shoes, bags, jewelry, hat, gloves, and hosiery of course.

So I played with the 4 items on Polyvore and... it looks like this!

Let me know if you make yours!!


The 14 Looks To Create With Your 4 Items
  • Monday: Work clothes for day, daughter or son's soccer game for after work.
  • Tuesday: Board meeting at work, then dinner at home.
  • Wednesday: Work, and then dinner at home.
  • Thursday: Work, followed by dinner with CEO at the best restaurant in town.
  • Friday: Casual Friday work clothes, then a birthday party for a 30 year old good friend at a trendy nightclub.
  • Saturday: Shopping with a girlfriend in high-end designer stores, then a date with significant other at a smart casual restaurant.
  • Sunday: Company picnic with the office staff, and a backyard barbecue with your good friends.

This exercise is found in Kindle version of Inspired Style, and the idea is from Dominique Vaughan-Russell. She has her own website here:

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