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Oct 3, 2011

Style Challenge: Just 4 Clothing Items, Create 14 Different Looks

I downloaded a fashion/style book on Kindle and tried one of their exercises. With just 4 clothing items -- dark denim jeans, white T shirt, a black dress and a matching black jacket, you are to create 14 different looks that cover all types of occasion. 

ie. work, dressy work, board meeting, barbecue outdoors, son's baseball match, going to a hip club... and lounging at home.

(Sorry. I should probably retake that photo with a higher resolution with my digital camera. And maybe even color it with my COPIC marker pens! Some day... I might get round to it! )

>>> <<<

After thoughts: Well, this was an awesome suggestion! I have NEVER thought you could create so many different looks with accessories alone.

The Challenge allowed you only those 4 clothing items, but you were allowed any number of accessories including vests.

I tried to keep the number down for the vest thing because it still is a garment of clothing... but I surprised myself just competing the Challenge!

So, in theory, I get it. But in practicality, I still have my doubts. My primary concerns are purely monetary. Having that many accessories still cost you a lot. So I don't think this is MY solution to having a Perfect Wardrobe. But it was definitely worth a try!

It's all about pushing the envelope, knowing your limits!

And knowing you CAN overcome them, of course!


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