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Oct 30, 2011

Lori Robinson Explains Women's Capsule Wardrobe (Part 1)

I've searched long and hard on how to create your capsule wardrobe and this lady explains it really well. 

What is a Capsule Wardrobe?

Why is a Capsule Wardrobe so beneficial?

Guideline Tips for Women's Wardrobe: 
Keep it classic in style and solid in color!

What is the 3 Color Theory?

Here she introduces the clothing pieces she will use for her outfits.

Here she begins to show you actual combinations of clothes...

9 more outfits are shown here...

In Part 2 of these amazing series, she will go over accessories!

And to sum up visually what the 7 pieces were...

I think this is a great rule to follow... if you CAN be that disciplined! I realized that I buy far too many orphan items and too many patterns and prints. The biggest mistake I make in shopping is that I don't create the base items like those 4 black pieces! It's like having a lot of the red's hoping to make my wardrobe work, but having nothing that matches!

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