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Oct 29, 2011

Julia Roberts' Hair Makeup and Style

I think Julia Roberts is a great fashion icon for the Type 3 Rich Dynamic Woman. Or women with Autumn colors. Here are some of my favorite images of Julia:

I noticed that she looked *gorgeous* in these thick knubby knits in all of the pictures. And the way she wears blusher really makes her glow, even though her lip colors' warmth and the depth in her eyes are most evident at first sight.

Here are some memorable Julia moments I enjoyed:

Now, here are some great style tips for Type 3 women!

Which part does she look better in? Side part or center part?
We really can use this tip!

Which hair color does she look best in? Blode, red, dark brown?

Finally, although our beauties are God-given... self-knowledge and grooming goes a long way no matter who you are!!!

Sorry to post that Julia... I Love You!!

Love, from Seoul

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