Oct 3, 2011

Excuse me? I am a Type 3?!!! -- Yes, I Got Color Draped!!

OK. So living and dressing as a Type 2 for 90 days left me feeling all confused, weak, and off-balance. Something wasn't right and I couldn't put my finger on it.

I decided to get some local help and made an appointment with Coloz http://www.coloz.co.kr/ in Korea, who said they helped you figure out your personal colors.

Initially, I took their online test twice and both times, it came out as Autumn. Then I tried their SmartPhone application and that test told me I was a Cool (Summer or Winter).

Feeling more confused than ever, I said what the h***, and decided to get it over and done with. A one-on-one consultation cost me around 90 USD.

Anyhow. After going through all the drapes, I was really surprised to find that I was an Autumn. All these years, the makeup and clothes sales-people kept telling me Oh, your skin is so white blah blah blah, I figured I would be a Cool.

Seeing the test drapes against me, that Mystery was finally unlocked. And my color analyst explained that although the cool colors DID make my skin tone look lighter or whiter, it also washed me out and left me with some god-awful shadows on my chin. It also aged me just a tinge.

When the Autumn colors were put around me, I looked healthier and had a better glow overall. It also balanced my eye colors better. You could see my whole face, rather than just a whitened face that had less focus.

So that really felt amazing and was well worth the money I spent! I won't have to spend each season, trolling for color in the malls and boutiques, hoping to guess my best colors!

I also enjoyed the Surprise element. So I came home and realized that wow, that would mean I must be a Dominant Type 3 Woman. Rich and Dynamic Woman. If I were to follow Dressing Your Truth system...

I am going to post the rest of the story separately now. Because they each entail different lessons I've learned. :-> Keep reading!

Namaste ~

PS. Oh the color analyst gave me a chart of my Best and Worst colors at the end of the consultation.

The other surprising result was... not all Autumn colors are created equal! My analyst told me that my best colors are Vivid Autumn colors. The muddier colors from the Autumn palette would work with my coloring, but they are not my Best colors!

I never would have guessed that on my own!

OK. Now I am going to follow this post up with the Benefits of getting this done!


  1. Hi there, this became a very long comment (sorry about that!). I just found your blog yesterday, and I agree that Carol Tuttle's system has some flaws. I think the problem is that she do not consider that women from one type, let's say type 2, may have very different colors and contrast levels. For example Jessica Alba has a deep and warm coloring, but her face shape is oval and she has a softness to her, which excludes type 3. I think her system is amazing to find your strengths and weaknesses and to understand the people around you, but as a color guide it may fit some people, but definitely not all! I think it can help you find out which textures, fabrics, lines and shapes look good for your face shape and your natural movement, but not the colors.. I also think it's important that you feel the clothing and colors match your personality.
    To me you seem like a energetic and bubbly person (from your way of writing in this blog), but as you have an asian skin tone, which usually is more warm than cool, a natural high contrast between your skin/eyes/hair, I think it could be a good idea to find clothes that have the fun spirit of type 1, with the coloring of type 3, but with the contrast level of type 4 (lol it may be difficult..)

    I think it's difficult with the color part, as we interpret certain colors with certain meanings. Like bright and saturated colors seem fun and happy, while muted colors seem more relaxed. And deep earthy colors seem more down to earth, and natural. Black and white make a very bold statement, but I also think they seem very formal and cold. So I find it problematic if your natural colors and colors that look good with your natural colors don't fit your energy type/personality. But maybe they fit in many cases? I guess that is why there are so many happy customers from DYT.. (not sure about that)

    I think I am a type 2, as I am softspoken, need comfort, worry too much, very attentive to details, and have a oval face shape. My contrast between my eyes, hair and skin is quite low, but I am not sure whether muted or brighter colors look best on me. But I think my eye color is very muted, blue-grey with a tint of yellow (but from a distance they look more blue-green). I think the type 2 style might work for me, but I think I would cut down on the frills and laces a bit, as they are a bit too cute xD

    It's nice to find someone who are so much into seasonal color and DYT as me! :D

    1. Hi Petitblogbymoi!
      Wow what an awesome answer!
      Yes... I do have that 'contrast level' problem thing going on! Maybe that's why my Autumn colors I tried to pile on didn't work for me!! :-)

      Thank you! You've given me lots to think about~~~!

      Love & Light,



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