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Oct 3, 2011

Deeps: Color Analysis for Asians, Some Thoughts

After I learnt a) my personal color palette, b) my best colors, and c) what to do with that information, I got busy researching online about the new Color Analysis system.

The four season color palette was expanded to 3 different types within each season to end up with 12 different types.

Me having a black/very dark brown hair with very deep brown eyes -- there was no mistake that I was a Deep.

What I wasn't sure about was weather I was a Deep Autumn or a Deep Winter. Or if I colored my hair to brown, I could even be a different Autumn, although it is a bit of a stretch because my eyes are that deep.

After spending all night wondering just which one I was -- because my hair is not jet black and my skin tone is not that cool -- but I also don't have an obvious golden tone to my skin or my hair! It's just as if I fall off both charts completely!

So I am guessing this can happen to lots of Asian women. My coloring is that specific I guess; I must just happen to be in that one slice of a segment that is right in between Autumn and Winter.

The photos of celebs that depict Deep Autumn and Deep Winter don't look anything like me. Most Deep Autumns do tend to have obvious golden skin... and Deep Winters come in a variety of eye colors!

Also depending on which color analysis site you're on, and also on how the celeb styled and colored their hair, and what makeup and clothes they wear in each of the pictures vastly differ and sometimes they fall into completely different charts! NOT HELPFUL!

After some agonizing mental turmoil, I decided to call myself Deep Autumn anyway... and move on.

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  1. Do you think your struggling because your face-color is neutral? Neither cool, not warm.