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Oct 3, 2011

The Best Book on Knowing Your Color Without an Expensive Consultation

It occurred to me tonight that after all I've been spending and learning, or investing rather, the book I got and used last year was right all along. 

Now that I've also joined a forum where you can freely discover, compare and even critique different fashion/style/color/archetype systems on Facebook -- I feel empowered to go my own way in Dressing My Truth.

And I realized David Zyla's recommendations are very accurate and also right on the money!

Following his suggestions to figure out your personal colors, I was able to train my eyes and learn what colors were local to my body. It was really really hard at first. Even in art school, they didn't train you to discern color to this level! And scrutiny!

I remember, going out and buying a Pantone guide that cost me quite a lot of money to learn the names of exact colors found in my body.

Today, having gone one step further, and knowing that I am an Autumn -- it makes perfect sense and David Zyla was right all along!

Because my Romantic Color is terracotta, I was grouped into the Autumn category. I had difficulty with the archetypes he suggested in his book but I was pretty content with the description of Copper Autumn.

Having done both routes, this book and personal color analysis with draping, I'd say it is still worth it to get the color analysis done. I am happy with following Mr. Zyla's suggestions on wearing the colors that are already in my body, and buying products that repeat my colors, but it still didn't teach me what colors were best and worst on me. For that, the actual color draping analysis with all of those test drapes, and the help of a real consultant was necessary.

OK. Well. These are my two cents!! :->

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