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Oct 3, 2011

Benefits of Getting Color Analysis Done: Some Time & Money Saving Tips

OK. So this is the follow up post to me learning about my Personal Color. I am an Autumn and my best colors are Vivid Autumn colors.

My analyst gave me so many insights after draping me and I would love to share them with you today.

#1. Wear your BEST colors AROUND your face. She told me to wear camisoles/tanks/tops/shirts in my best color because they affect you THE MOST. Likewise, make sure that your scarves, earrings, necklaces, makeup fully utilize your best colors.

#2. You CAN wear colors that are not in your palette, as long as they are AWAY from your face. She even went on to say that living in Korea, there are those occasions when you just have to wear Black. Interviews, funerals etc. She said don't worry about wearing them; just make sure to use a scarf and inner top in your best colors so that you create a boundary for them. Also use jewelry to enhance that. This also means that you can wear black shoes and not worry about it because they are the furthest from your face. Similar logic goes for bags.

#3. She told me that she's been typed as an Autumn too, and that initially she also went crazy trying to fit all the colors into her palette and tried to wear only her best colors. Having done that for three years now, she said living ONLY in your best colors and ONLY in your own palette does grow old quick. You get bored. So in parting, she said that even she was now willingly breaking out of that mould and advised me to use my personal colors in a way that BROADENED my choices, rather than to use them as a way to LIMIT myself.

I just LOVED what she said. Made so much sense, made my life so much easier. Saved me heaps of worry and money!

So if any of you are out there, experimenting with Color Analysis, but feel limited in any way shape or form, feel free to follow my analyst's advice, and FREE YOURSELF! We are allowed! :->

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