Oct 30, 2011

Lori Robinson Explains Women's Capsule Wardrobe (Part 1)

I've searched long and hard on how to create your capsule wardrobe and this lady explains it really well. 

What is a Capsule Wardrobe?

Why is a Capsule Wardrobe so beneficial?

Guideline Tips for Women's Wardrobe: 
Keep it classic in style and solid in color!

What is the 3 Color Theory?

Here she introduces the clothing pieces she will use for her outfits.

Here she begins to show you actual combinations of clothes...

9 more outfits are shown here...

In Part 2 of these amazing series, she will go over accessories!

And to sum up visually what the 7 pieces were...

I think this is a great rule to follow... if you CAN be that disciplined! I realized that I buy far too many orphan items and too many patterns and prints. The biggest mistake I make in shopping is that I don't create the base items like those 4 black pieces! It's like having a lot of the red's hoping to make my wardrobe work, but having nothing that matches!

Take the 4 items 14 outfits challenge!

The idea is to create 14 completely different outfits using only these 4 clothing items. You may use accessories to style the 14 looks. Your outfits must include everyday work, a night on the town to a hip club, a chic restaurant with boss and one with your significant other, baseball game and barbecue, a board meeting, as well as lounging at home, and shopping with your gal pals. It really forces you to think! And I was surprised with myself!
OK. So here are the outfits you need to create with the basic 4 items:

  • 1 basic white t-shirt, 
  • 1 dark wash denims, 
  • 1 little black dress and 
  • 1 matching suit jacket. 

The only other clothing item you can add is a vest which counts as an accessory. You are allowed to use scarf, belt, shoes, bags, jewelry, hat, gloves, and hosiery of course.

So I played with the 4 items on Polyvore and... it looks like this!

Let me know if you make yours!!


The 14 Looks To Create With Your 4 Items
  • Monday: Work clothes for day, daughter or son's soccer game for after work.
  • Tuesday: Board meeting at work, then dinner at home.
  • Wednesday: Work, and then dinner at home.
  • Thursday: Work, followed by dinner with CEO at the best restaurant in town.
  • Friday: Casual Friday work clothes, then a birthday party for a 30 year old good friend at a trendy nightclub.
  • Saturday: Shopping with a girlfriend in high-end designer stores, then a date with significant other at a smart casual restaurant.
  • Sunday: Company picnic with the office staff, and a backyard barbecue with your good friends.

This exercise is found in Kindle version of Inspired Style, and the idea is from Dominique Vaughan-Russell. She has her own website here: http://www.imageexpert.ca/

Oct 29, 2011

Julia Roberts' Hair Makeup and Style

I think Julia Roberts is a great fashion icon for the Type 3 Rich Dynamic Woman. Or women with Autumn colors. Here are some of my favorite images of Julia:

I noticed that she looked *gorgeous* in these thick knubby knits in all of the pictures. And the way she wears blusher really makes her glow, even though her lip colors' warmth and the depth in her eyes are most evident at first sight.

Here are some memorable Julia moments I enjoyed:

Now, here are some great style tips for Type 3 women!

Which part does she look better in? Side part or center part?
We really can use this tip!

Which hair color does she look best in? Blode, red, dark brown?

Finally, although our beauties are God-given... self-knowledge and grooming goes a long way no matter who you are!!!

Sorry to post that Julia... I Love You!!

Love, from Seoul

Oct 23, 2011

The Challenge of Capsule Wardrobes

Coming up with your first successful Capsule Wardrobe is a feat to contend with! After poring over the YouTube videos (check it out here) and reading Brenda Kinsel's book (check it out here) I still wasn't sure why I couldn't fully grasp *exactly WHERE* I was going wrong in building a wardrobe.

I finally found the ONE resource that drove the concept home for me; and this was from a free PDF report given by Imogen Lamport. It's called "Five Step Formula for a Fabulous Wardrobe on a Budget" (check it out here) and there is a page that spelled it out to me FINALLY:

OK. So I don't want to distribute her material too much here. Just a little taster to get our discussion moving along...

As she calls these clothing items "orphans" -- and Brenda Kinsel calls those "Star Items" which just can't shine without the "Support Items" -- they look great by themselves but don't work together as a whole. So you have a wardrobe full of STUFF, but you're always going to feel like you have NOTHIN' TO WEAR. Well, at least that's how it's been for me.

What that means though is --

If you haven't played with what you've got in your wardrobe at home, and assessed your current state of body shape and mass, as well as the color of your hair and skin, AND worked out your budget / method of maintaining the clothes clean / along with what your Work / Occasion needs are going to be / AND whether you have all the right foundations / hosiery / accessories, jewelry, makeup products -- things are NOT going to look as sophisticated as your heart wants you to be!

So that's a LOT to work with. Just to look nice, presentable, keep warm/cool, and functional/comfortable.

Besides if you're like me, who has a need for variety AND a conflict over How You Want To Look VS What You Are Actually Going to Wear Over and Over -- things are even MORE challenging! And suppose you did do your planning and went out to find those items you truly need or want -- you're going to be in for a another nasty little surprise, because the shopping mall or department store or boutique you go to might not be carrying what you want! @_@~~~

To cut to the chase though, what I want to suggest is...
Know your repeat colors.
If you want your wardrobe to support you for that 2-5 year span or maybe even a 2-10 year or 2-20 year span... you simply MUST know which of your colors you're going to repeat in your wardrobe.

I think there are maybe two general approaches to doing this.

a) Match your accessories
b) Know your preferred clothing color combinations

And here are some illustrations to help you understand what I mean...

a) Match your accessories

I guess this is what ladies used to do in those days when dressing well was even more paramount than it is today... Although the clothes silhouettes are not what we'd wear today, I think this piece of advice is a zillion times better than what a lot of fashion magazines put in their articles.

The article suggests that you always start with your hats, bags, shoes, belts, and gloves to match, as well as your all important winter coat.

b) Know your preferred clothing color combinations

If you had 2 core wardrobe colors for 3 clothing items, depending on how you mix them, you will end up with 8 different looks you can choose from. 

Let's say that you had a top, skirt, and a jacket. Just using the two colors black and skin tone, you could have the choice of following eight looks:

Me personally, I only like *some* of the combinations here. So it makes sense to work these color combinations out BEFORE rushing out to buy anything.

Of course, these are only TWO of the ways in going about how to approach your First Wardrobe Capsule. And who says you can only wear 2 colors? Your core wardrobe colors could be anywhere between 2-4 colors for a beginner; if you can pull off more colors than that or are a real whiz at incorporating more than 4, more power to you! But I think it's quite hard to do that for most people.

I hope these suggestions have given you a starting point in thinking about what delights you this season! And that you'll have comfort * style * money left over in your wardrobe budget! Namaste~



My 8 Personal Colors + 5 Best Colors

I put both of my color charts together to see how they look together. The 8 colors on the right are the colors found in my hair, eyes, skin, and veins as taught by David Zyla in his book. The 5 colors on the left are my best colors as recommended by a color consultant at Coloz.com.

Unfortunately the Pantone colors for web are very different from the printed color guides they sell. I was using Pantone Fashion + Home.

Your Personal Colors Chart

I was surfing on Jennifer Butler's website today and found these *oh so special* personal colors chart. I think this works really well with David Zyla's book.


Can't wait to create my own swatch! :->

Oct 22, 2011

Type 3 things I like

I think these items are all Type 3 appropriate. As they punch some color and pattern to the look, they will need some supporting pieces to go with them.

3 Different Autumn Bronze Variations

These are some outfit ideas from the place I got color analyzed in Seoul, Korea. Which one do you like best? :->  Enjoy your season Type 3's!

Loosely-Type 3 Outfit Emsembles for Fall 2011

OK. So I found these on Polyvore the other day. First one for me would be a great day to day look. Second one for more casual dressing. Last one for a more polished look.

Instagram ::: Hepburn School