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Aug 12, 2011

The Thing About Silhouettes

Last night, I went over my Lucky Manual Guide... and realised what I was doing wrong with my shopping and creating outfits.

I had recently bought a flowy pair of navy blue pants... to honor the fluid flowing movement of Type 2 energy. However pairing it with my tops proved quite challenging.

After reading that section though, I realised that in order for your silhouette to work properly (or just with more ease), you have to either... a) have a loose top with fitted bottoms, or b) a tight fitting top with loose bottoms.

I'll try and upload a photo of that page soon...

OK. So here is the afore mentioned photo from a page of my Lucky Manual!

As you can see with the illustration on the far left, for loose fitting tops, it's better to have more fitting slacks.

And for a tight fitted top, it's nicer to match it with a less fitted slacks.

I have noticed that for my fluid flowing silk tops, I really DO need to keep my slacks nice and skinny! Otherwise, I just drown in my clothes!

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