Aug 17, 2011

Soft, Subtle -- Type 2 Woman

I just came across this image on the internet, and just *had* to share!
Isn't she so beautiful? 

A perfect embodiment of a T2 woman I think~
Plus, I LOVE how she accessorized.

The belt with that rose is easy for us to do with any same colored belt or ribbon with a matching flower... and we all know that we can get that flower from the DYT website!!


Love, Jessica


  1. I like those pretty, soft romantic colors.

    1. Hi Kathleen~~
      Thanks for leaving me a comment!
      Yes! It is very soft and feminine ^^
      Do you know your type or season??

  2. Oh that is beautiful! I just recently discovered that I am a Type 2 and I am looking for all the inspiration I can get. This is definitely something that I am going to try.


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