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Aug 12, 2011

Smart Apps to Help You Plan Your Outfits

I used to write out my clothing combinations on pieces of paper in the past couple of years. But these days, you can really have an easy and fun time of it on your smart phones.

I have a Galaxy Tab which is kind of like an iPad... but unfortunately the Android clothing apps are NOTHING like the iPhone apps. :-( I saw the demo online of how nicely the iPhone's clothing apps work and wanted to cry!

The best deal you CAN get on from an Android Market is the app called Closet Virtual. While this app does allow me to take pictures of garments and save them, and create different combinations of outfits with categories like Pants and Tops, and even create my own clothing categories... it does not allow me to share my outfit combos at all.

Another alternative is to use a website akin to Polyvore where you can upload photos to do the same thing ie. create outfit combinations, but the site I tried took me way more time than using my smart phone app.

I've also downloaded Victoria's Wardrobe software but it did not even load on my PC. So that was too bad.

The greatest thing about using any of these apps is that it really helps you create NEW combinations from your existing pieces. I came up with an outfit combination that either I would not have discovered or would have taken me a long time to come up with, had I not had the application!

So there. Try it out and tell me what you felt!

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  1. You could try using ANDress 2. It's in beta and has a few slowdown issues but it gets the job done and it has an extraordinary variety of features for a free, no-ads app.
    The weather feature along with the color recognition stand out. Feel free to rate/comment in the reviews section of the market.