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Aug 12, 2011

Knowing Your Needs: Preference AND Lifestyle Needs

Last night, as I was out walking with my friend, we talked about our wardrobes and how *different* we were from each other.

My Type 3, Rich & Dynamic friend shops very quickly -- so much so that men enjoy shopping with her! -- whereas I tend to meander through the mall checking out every shop and every clothing item that is out there!

She doesn't get bored with her clothes much once she buys them, and her version of a uniform is to wear *dresses*. She has a vast collection of dresses for every season.

Me on the other hand, I get bored quickly with my clothes, so I prefer separates, especially pants. Even if I had ten lovely skirts in my closet, 80% of the time, I would be wearing pants. Because at the end of the day, pants ARE more comfortable for me than skirts.

My friend told me that she used to have a huge pile of t-shirts that she never wore. So it seemed like t-shirts were her *enjoy buying* category, but because she doesn't like to think much in the morning, she'll always reach out to her dresses... and she doesn't have enough pants and skirts to match with those t-shirts. So in the end, she gave her collection of t-shirts to her sister.

Me on the other hand, I like buying tops and jackets that have interesting detail. But I don't get to wear them as much as I think when I buy them. What my REAL NEEDS are regarding clothes are... a) decent pants and slacks, b) CARDIGANS not jackets, and c) some simple round neck t-shirts and tank tees to coordinate WITH the slacks AND cardigans...

So, think about your shopping tendencies VS what you ACTUALLY wear day in, day out. You might find the things you enjoy buying are not what you actually wear, and focus solely the items of clothings that you DO wear often that meet both your Preferences and Needs, and adjust your clothing expenses accordingly.

For me, that would mean to spend more money on quality pants and cardigans and basic t-shirts, and spend less on skirts / dresses / jackets / designed tops.

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