Aug 18, 2011

My Growing Collection of Type 2 Necklaces

The one on the left with blue jeans mixed with metals is the most recent addition!


Aug 17, 2011

Fun Water Patterned T-shirt

I found a fun graphic tee! The neckline is nice and oval too~


My Lovely New Cardigan in My Version of White

I love wearing this creation by Marks and Spencers.


More Celeb Hair Styles for Type 2 Women






The following two have an overall Type 2 movement with secondary Type 1 movements, I think... What do you think?



Soft, Subtle -- Type 2 Woman

I just came across this image on the internet, and just *had* to share!
Isn't she so beautiful? 

A perfect embodiment of a T2 woman I think~
Plus, I LOVE how she accessorized.

The belt with that rose is easy for us to do with any same colored belt or ribbon with a matching flower... and we all know that we can get that flower from the DYT website!!


Love, Jessica

What We Can Learn From Jessica Alba's Type 2 Hairstyles!

Last year May, I was poring over Jessica Alba's looks. Of course, at the time I had no idea that she was one of the Type 2 Beauties! Here are some of her best Type 2 hair stylizations for us to aspire to! :-)






















Please forgive some of the less Type 2 hairstyles... eg. some of them might have T1 color ... or maybe her attire is not T2. 

What really was an eye opener for me though, was how for all of the times she had her hair blown outwards -- ie. Type 1 movement -- it really felt different. Now of course, that might just be because we've been *taught* that it is not a Type 2 movement and that it doesn't honor our dominant nature... but I'll just add a couple of images below so that you can get a feel for them! :-)






I'm adding 1 photo with Type 4 movement as well...


Finally, as a bonus... here are some images of her with hairstyles I think are OK... but I'm not entirely sure where they fall! :-)










All in all though, I just want to THANK Jessica Alba and her team of hair stylists! I'm learning so much from her! :-)

Thanks for reading ladies! Feel free to post your opinions! I'd love to hear them!

Aug 16, 2011

Here Are Some Possible Type 2 Blouses...

Last year in October 2010, way before I knew about DYT, I did an internet research on blouses! I had never worn such feminine creations but blouses have been HOT for 2-3 years now in Korea and I knew I had to join the forces of Fashion at some point! :-)

I ruled out most of the non-type-2-creations from my research. And above are the blouses I feel that best serve Type 2 Beauties! OK, so some of them might include a little black or a crisp white, but you can probably imagine the designs with a little imagination!

OK~ I hope you enjoy these eye-candies!

Wishing you a year of lovely fun blouses ladies!



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