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Jul 24, 2011

Thoughts & Reflections #1

Today I have some thoughts and reflections to note as I continue on my Journey with Dressing My Truth.

First of all, I got my hair done at the hairdressers and I really hate it! She gave me a Poodle Look which I abhor! So I'm going to have to get some product now, to loosen my curls! What a waste of time and money! But at the same time, I really don't trust hairdressers any more and I just want to learn how to blow-dry my hair to perfection!

Second, I went shopping and got some more needed Type 2 items. Most important of all was the navy drawstring palazzo pants for work. (Err, I just Googled palazzo pants and they are very wide-legged. Mine are flowy but not as wide-legged.) Then 2 T-shirts in light grey tones with some faded prints on them. I also chanced upon a can't-miss-and-to-die-for navy floral print blouse in a softened kimonoesque style. It's a perfect update to my 2010 Tan colored blouse. They have the same construction. Last but not least, I got a baby pink stretchy fabric semi-highwaisted skirt. I also got an eye makeup remover and a brown eyeliner.

At home, I took some time to fill out Brenda Kinsell's Wardrobe Workout Sheet. I could have done more but I only had 4 sheets printed out. So I made one sheet for each of the following bottoms: a) navy pants, b) beige chinos, c) beige skinny, and d) the pink skirt.

If I had an additional sheet, I would have included my 2 dresses, the black handkerchief-hem skirt, and some others.

For the navy pants, I actually took photos of the outfit emsembles with my Galaxy Tab camera. I was amazed how many combinations could be made from all the stuff I already have! Made me feel a little guilty for shopping so much lately... Still, a girl's gotta dress!

By taking the time to mix and match my pieces though, I realised that...
a) I can really use one or two very lightweight tank tees to bridge the top and bottom pieces,
b) with a little creativity and investment in the right hair, jewelry, accessories -- you CAN really create a myriad of Looks!
c) being thorough like this made me aware how having the right type of foundation wear and hosiery can really enhance the wearability of clothes, as well as having the right outerwear and shoes really is important to make that one piece work with all the other stuff.
d) even though I CAN create a lot of different combinations of outfits, I am very drawn to the softer color matches. My eye is not happy when there is a stark contrast in tones. Things look very heavy and unless there is some type of jewelry or scarf or belt or something to blend them all in, I'm not going to feel comfortable. This does limit my palette and also the wearability of clothes for me. This is another reason why having the correct tank tee will be crucial to make my clothes work well together! This will also be more economical year-round to extend the wardrobe to other seasons as well.

I posted this question at the Facebook Forum tonight:
Do you have a smaller wardrobe now that you know you're a Type 2? Or has your wardrobe actually expanded as a result of DYT? :-P What do you think is *enough* in terms of either budget or quantity of items? How do you like to set limits and have you figured out your favorite way of mixing and matching as a type 2? Do you like to plan your outfits beforehand and write them down? Sorry! Not to overwhelm you but Fashion is my Passion! :oP

I'm going to let my brain mull over this tonight and try to answer it myself! :-)



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